3 Actionable Ways to Create Persuasive Sleeve Box Packaging


A sleeve box packaging is just sleeve box packaging, right? After all, it’s the product that matters the most.   

If that’s what you think as a business owner, you are destined to fail. Long past the time when packaging was only seen as a vessel to transport products from one place to another. Today, it plays a significant role in swaying customers’ buying decisions. From informing the customers about your product to conveying your company’s value, packaging can do a lot more than you think. For this reason, many argue that cardboard sleeve packaging is as pivotal as the product itself because it works as an essential communication and marketing tool. 

If you are thinking about using branded sleeve boxes, then consider the following factors.   

Segregates your Brand and Product from Others

If you have recently visited a store, you may have noticed that countless products on the retail shelves were vying for your attention. So how you manage to pick one out of thousands of products? According to a study conducted by Paper Work, one-third of the purchase decisions made by the customers are solely based on packaging. 

This corroborates that unique and exquisite packaging enables your products to stick out and appear different from the immediate competition. For instance, several brands have experimented with their packaging by opting for unusual designs, and it has worked in their favor. But they ensured that the design is eye-catching, highly different from the competitors’ packages, and relevant to the name of the products.  

You can follow suit and create highly attractive and unique sleeve box packaging for your product. If you are out of ideas, then The Legacy Printing can help you create exceptional bespoke cardboard sleeve packaging within your desired deadline and budget.  

Intriguing Packaging Colors Influence Buying Decisions 

The color selection for your sleeve boxes will play an essential role in influencing customers’ purchase decisions. The study showed that the brain reacts to hues in different ways, so pick your colors wisely. For instance, product packages that come in white reflect purity, simplicity, and safety. Color experts believe that the more colors you add to packaging, the less sophisticated it will look. 

As compared to white, the blue color is believed to convey different meanings. For instance, a light sky blue shade is more playful, whereas a dark blue color is used to exude a professional appeal. Of course, blue is widely popular around the world, but this doesn’t mean it should automatically become your first choice.  

Study market dynamics and your ideal customers before settling for a color or color gamut. Alternatively, you won’t be able to give your sleeve box packaging the colors that resound with your audience and niche. 

Quality Packaging Help Build Brand Recognition  

Before you start developing your cardboard sleeve packaging, take a moment to think about your favorite brands. Figure out what’s the one thing that’s common between them: they all are memorable. Take Coca Cola, for instance. The leading beverage brand has stuck with the same packing design that it has been using for decades. Established brands rarely make any notable changes to their packages. Successful brands that have tried to make major changes in their packaging have seen a major backlash from their audience.    

As a result, popular brands hardly try to modify their packaging. That said, startups and mid-sized businesses can make the most of this opportunity. Not only can they opt for seasonal packaging designs, but they can also alter the design of their logo and name. But make sure it should be in line with the rest of your branding. Otherwise, it will create confusion among your buyers. 


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