The Secret To Make A Difference When Doing A Fashion Business On Facebook


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Doing fashion business on Facebook is the way that most shop owners are applying to get a large number of customers for the store. However, the massive appearance of fashion stores on this channel makes many shop owners a headache because most of them have similar products and it is difficult to hold customers back if it does not make a difference. specials stand out. Moreover, many shop owners poured money into running ads, but the number of items returned was not as expected, causing waste and budget deficit.

If you own a sales channel on Facebook, immediately refer to some small tips in the article to reach more buyers and improve sales.

Improve product image quality

One of the keys to attracting buyers with your products on Facebook is the investment in images. The clearer, beautiful, and eye-catching the image, the higher the sales rate. However, there are many shops that just snap product pictures and immediately post them on the sales page. This makes the buyer feel a lack of proper product and of course, it will be difficult to make a purchase decision from you.

To overcome this problem, store owners need to come up with specific strategies for photos posted on Facebook. You can choose the concept that matches the style of each design. Then proceed to mix those items and accessories that combine to decorate the scene to make the picture more vivid. Or you simply use a white cloth as the background for each product photo, you can create neat but eye-catching shots. Do not forget to use specialized lighting tools to improve image quality.

In addition, hiring a model to take pictures of products is also a way to create a highlight for the product. Models can flexibly pose at many angles to help create fully detailed shots at different angles of the outfit. That way customers can know if they are suitable for that clothing style or not before deciding to shop. However, hiring a model is quite costly and time-consuming. In return, the effect it brings is worth considering. It all depends on your decision.

The post content is short and detailed

Besides the image quality, the sales content accompanying also plays a very important role. You should clearly and concisely describe the product details such as the existing name, color, and size … Add in what is their origin or materials, or what is the difference between your product and the doors. How different products… Such details will help your potential customers understand and visualize the basics of your product, and make it easier to compare and arrive at the final decision.

Also, using hashtags is another way to make it easier for customers to remember your store. You can use the store or product name as a hashtag, or special store-specific phrases for quicker access.

The factor that plays an equally important role in the writing of the post is communication for the customer. You should incorporate many different methods of contact such as phone number, email, or shop address in the article. Or, you can insert them right on the product image so that shoppers can immediately see how to contact because they will not be patient enough to read everything in the article. In addition, this way of inserting contact information will also help in preventing the theft of photos from other individuals on Facebook.

Providing perfect customer service

In addition to providing good quality products, the service attitude will also help you score and retain customers more effectively.

Obviously, no one wants to wait for hours to get an answer about the price or the material of the product. Therefore, you should ensure the fastest possible response time for buyers’ inquiries. In addition, responding to compliments from customers will also be a plus to help you create a closer relationship with them. Sincerely thank you for the trust and support from customers and give them special deals for the next purchase.

In addition, responding politely and gently to negative comments is also a good way to impress people who visit your sales page. Try to respond in a respectful tone of voice and clearly analyze the right and wrong points to clarify the problem.

Don’t be too focused on selling

If you only include posts with product images and advertisements, you won’t be able to drive massive engagement for your Facebook sales page. To fix this, it’s a good idea to plan shopping-related content, tips sharing, or posts with suggestive themes to stimulate customer engagement. In addition, you should also regularly update your post with trending content that is funny to drive more engagement and highlight your sales page. These tips are simple, but they work really well.

Using Facebook to run your business is a smart choice for fashion store owners. However, making a difference to attract customers is that not everyone can do well, especially in the current fierce competition. Hopefully, the four tips in this article will help you do business more efficiently on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow Smart Fashion for the best fashion and technology news.


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