Technology 6 Factors to Consider During eLearning Development Process

6 Factors to Consider During eLearning Development Process


Developing an online learning management system is not that difficult, but an effective one requires you to have a firm grasp of certain necessary factors as well. Here are six factors that you need to consider:


When creating crucial modules for your online learning management system, it is important to remember what your end goal is. If you do not know what you are going to achieve in the end, you will not find the right path that will lead your learners to success.

One of the easiest methods to identify the goal of a module is to evaluate the overall goal of your whole process. From there understand how the current step will help your learners to move a step closer to the end goal.


It is essential to understand our audience and figure out where they might lack. Once you know the knowledge gap, it becomes easier to come up with content to help fill such gaps.

If it is not straightforward for you to identify these gaps, you can also use surveys and polls to understand their opinions. For businesses, asking the managers can also help identify where employees might be having issues.


When building an online learning management system, it is important to have a budget before you begin the development process. This allows you to estimate what things can you include during your development and design your content based on the project’s scope.

It is crucial to keep your expectations realistic in accordance with your budget. Try not to create big buffers during the process, or you might end up running out of money before your project is finished.


Like costs, you will need to keep a realistic tab on the time spent on each module as well. Understand the time limit you might have ahead of starting the development project and set a budget for the time for developing each module. This will allow you to finish each step in the process on time, rather than running out of resources too early.


When deciding the format for your content, it can really help if you already know your audience. Since you will know what limitations they might have or areas where they might be struggling a lot. This will help you eliminate certain difficulties that your audience might be facing.

There are multiple ways to deliver your content to your audience. For Example, sometimes it might be better to show a video relevant to the topic than offering a long list of written content. People understand much quicker with visual mediums such as videos, or presentations.

In case, you are trying to convey something complex, you can use the mix of different formats such as audio, videos, and presentations together. Not only this will help your audience understand the topic much easily, it will also keep them interested in the process.


Once you understand how you are going to create your content, you will require a platform for your content to reside. Since you are going to include videos to explain your content clearly, you will need to have a hosting platform as well.

While choosing the video creation platform, you will need to keep the budget and time in mind as well. You should not exceed either one of them to compensate for the content.

At the same time, keep the quality in mind as well. If you find it difficult to get everything together on your own, you can always go with eLearning development companies, who will handle all the work on your behalf.


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