Be careful with this breakdown, it can leave you without a car


Any breakdown is a headache for the owner of the car, but there are degrees and degrees, and the feedback from a diesel engine is a fat break.

What is it? In short, this breakdown occurs when the engine of a diesel cycle enters a vicious cycle and begins to use its own oil as fuel due to the failure or rupture of a turbo. Then, the oil acts as fuel, being able to carry out combustion, but the engine soon reaches its maximum operating speed, without stopping, until it has consumed all its oil. That’s when the engine seizes due to lack of lubrication and breaks.

The good news is that this breakdown can be avoided if we know how to do it and act quickly. If the feedback from the engine begins to occur, the propeller will rotate at maximum speed and we will see a large white smoke expelled by the exhaust pipe. Also, this breakdown is very noisy and can scare us, but the car is not going to explode. This yes, we must act fast and the answer is not to turn off the engine or you can buy one from auto for trade.

What we have to do is try to stall the engine in a big way: we put in fifth or sixth, put on the handbrake, hit the brake fully and suddenly release the clutch. If we do it smoothly, we will burn the clutch and the engine will not stop.

The clutch must be released suddenly to stall the engine | Photo: Shutterstock

If the car is automatic, we will not be able to stall it so the engine must be “drowned” by covering the intake with a cloth or papers.

Finally, if we have managed to stall the car and stop the engine, surely the repair will only consist of changing the turbocharger, which is an expensive part, but not as much as having to change the entire engine.


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