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You may have left your job of employment or been terminated. Possibly you moved to another city or freshly graduated. Despite the conditions that drove you to join the job search process, there is no rejecting that searching for a job is a full-time job. Regardless of whether you are a new graduate or somebody who has been working in the market for quite a long time, the hunt for a new job is troublesome. So to maintain a strategic distance from preventing unnecessary job search issues, this article will assist you with settling on the right professional decision.

If you are intending to turn into a network engineer, there is good news for you. Network engineers are high-in-demand. The IT business is growing at a full speed, and most organizations are investing in new and quicker technologies. Accordingly, the demand for professional network engineers is growing. Many other reasons urge the new generation to become network engineers, including attractive pay rates, working at big organizations, or simply working with great technology. All in all, when you get into the IT domain, the sky is already the limit.

In any case, once more, always remember, beginning a job as a network engineer in such a competitive environment isn’t simple. Every up comer has extra certificates in the relevant field. So to assist you with beginning your career as a network engineer, we’ve listed a couple of free certifications online.

Are you in? Shall we begin?

Complete the Necessary Education Requirements 

Before searching for network engineer entry-level jobs, notwithstanding, it is significant for you to have a smart thought of what the roles are and what skills or qualifications you have to secure in the business.

Before finding a job as an inexperienced network engineer, it is highly suggested that applicants complete their four-year degree before applying for the paper. In any case, you should enter the suitable field that you want to follow. Also, a four-year college education in computer and systems engineering would be an advantage and an added value to your expert profession.

To play a role as a network engineer, most organizations lean toward candidates with a bachelor’s or four-year degree depending upon the job level. Many schools offer degrees related to network engineering and you can get extra certifications with this degree. Not just that, qualified candidates gain an advantage over an unfit candidate and are simpler to recruit.

Alongside the privileged educational prerequisites, it is basic to have an alluring cover letter in the know regarding the curriculum. See a cover letter from a network engineer and search for good examples online.

Four Free Network Security Training Programs You Should Know

These free courses offer total novices an overview of network security. They cover the basics of the industry and analyze the various professional roles within it.


Price: Free 

Hosted at Cybrary, a famous free IT training center among Fortune 500 organizations, this 4.5-hour course takes youngsters through four areas of cybersecurity: system administration, network engineering, incident response, and forensics – ie, Identifying attacks and discovering how they happened – and penetration testing, otherwise known as the hacking of white hats. Driven by a teacher who has worked for the U.S. Department of Defense, the course assists students with picking a subfield for further study.

Open Security Training – Introduction to Risk Study

Price: Free 

Open Security Trainers offers 29 cybersecurity courses that meet all skill levels, yet, for example, an entry-level educational plan: a three-day risk assessment. The educational program covers the art of performing automated checks for security gaps, planning network geography, and testing network firewalls. Its designers can lead the class face to face, yet you can download all course materials directly from the course website, for example, PowerPoints or PDFs.

AWS Security Training Path 

Price: Free

Amazon hosts a four-course series that guides students through the particular security features and functions of the AWS Cloud. The first course is intended for current security experts, focusing on the basics, while the second course focuses on security engineering and the third on security management. The fourth and last course gets ready students for the Amazon Certified Safety Professional exam, where you dissect an example of questions and provide students with test-taking procedures. The testing isn’t for everybody, however – Amazon just prescribes it to experts who have at least two years of work experience with AWS security.


Price: free 

Microsoft 365 coordinates with Microsoft Office by the Cloud. This implies that it has recognizable elements of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, while its cloud-empowered end allows consistent collaboration between clients and various gadgets. It takes a touch of ensuring about anything cloud-based, so this is a series of four online tutorials that show clients how to block their company’s 365 security, and effectively respond to threats. The courses cover subjects, for example, access control, data management, and both cloud and hybrid environments. The sequence culminates in an exam and certification.

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