Health 6 Ways To Boost Your Look With Face Masks

6 Ways To Boost Your Look With Face Masks


Since now wearing face masks is mandatory in almost every store, everyone has been trying to get hands-on with the best-looking face mask possible. You can customize your own face mask to look good while going out.

Nowadays people can customize it online on several websites and order custom masks with their favorite pattern. There are various options available in it and if you don’t like covering your lower half of the face you can simply choose a custom face mask that is in trend currently. 

People have begun ordering face masks with the lower half of their face printed on them, however, there does seem to be a slight drawback. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic came the shortage of supply of face masks when the supply came in many stylists took the initiative to stitch and distribute masks to those in need and among this many others, shifted the existing style of the masks to a custom face mask which is three-layered reusable ones.

These masks looked different from monotonous black, grey, or white masks that everyone was buying earlier and are generally made of colored or printed fabric. These masks are available in attractive designs, packaged at varying price ranges, and are loved by people who started opt for colorful designer masks.

While this idea may seem like a great and easy alternative but is pretty tough to get the sizing right and people have been providing their opinions and reviews onto this which tells that are ready to accept it with the right kind of changes and it is not a fail. 

The trend started pretty earlier when people purchasing masks as protective gear against the recently spiked in air pollution in many parts of the country due to multiple reasons. And now due to this ongoing Covid-19 situation, masks have become a necessity, so much so that medical stores and other suppliers are having a hard time meeting its burgeoning demand.

You can order the masks in bulk and then change it alternatively or based on your mood. Some days you are all chirpy looking for attention and on other days you just want to stay alone with yourself and enjoying the serenity and calmness it brings. 

Whether one admits it or not, almost everyone faces mood swings over time. And it is about time you get yourself few custom masks because coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and together, we will defeat this bad time and spread some fun, a little sass or laughter that is important in such tough times. 

1. Your Face Mask

Wearing a plain boring mask sucks and it’s time to experiment. All people can see in the upper half of the face which hides the expressions you make. Get yourself a customized mask that is printed with your lower face. This will not only look cool but you will also feel as if you are not wearing any mask.

2. Smiling Face Mask

Your face gives the first impression of how you are feeling and carries an important element in the equation of relationship with others. Smile is the best thing you can wear and it only takes 12 muscles to pull it off and sadly it gets to hide behind the mask. Browse the internet for various designs on the mask depicting your facial expressions on it.

3. Tough Look Mask

People who like to watch gangster or cowboys related shows and are a big fan of their tough look can also order masks with the same representations on it. Custom masks have gone from being a necessity to the height of fashion trends and although not many people like it, it is hard to deny the cool factor that comes with it. 

4. Social Messages Mask

If you are a social animal and quite active on social media, you can get yourself masks with social messages written on it to spread awareness in a cool manner especially made for you. This is an amazing irony you can pull off by telling everyone to maintain the distance socially while putting yourself amongst the social media.

5. Funny Mask

Putting a smile on someone else’s face is the best thing you can ever do and what could be a better way than putting something funny on your mask. This way people won’t only smile or laugh when they look at the mask it will also make them appreciate your choice and rush to get the similar one for themselves. 

6. Hashtags Mask

Hashtags are responsible for making things trending online and almost all the posts or news can be found or viewed upon by looking at this. In recent times, the trending hashtag was black lives matter which is true and you can simply show your support by putting a custom statement mark with hashtags or similar messages to let the world know you stand for the right thing. 


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