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Bridj Clone: Re-define The Ride-sharing Industry In Australia With A Demand Responsive Transport App


Taxi apps have become so common nowadays. The fact that waiting for taxis down the streets is gradually declining stands as a testament to the above statement. Words like Uber, Lyft, etc., have become synonymous with taxis worldwide, and the everlasting on-demand taxi app market is witnessing several new players. The smartphone revolution, coupled with the comfort of doorstep pick-ups, has led to the massive rise of on-demand taxi apps. 

If you’re an entrepreneur from the Commonwealth of Australia, you would have indispensably heard about Bridj. The taxi app has created a significant trend in the region, garnering a wide customer base and drivers. In case you wish to launch a Bridj like app solution in Australia, you have come to the right place. This blog discusses the growth and reasons for the success of the Bridj app. Besides, it also outlines how you can capture a vast unexplored Australian taxi market by developing an avant-garde taxi app. 

Bridj and its success with the SaaS model 

While the whole world responded to Uber’s switch from the evergreen aggregator model to the reliable SaaS (Software as a Service) model amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Bridj had made the SaaS model a possibility way back in 2014. 

Technically speaking, Bridj is a SaaS platform that is developed to support on-demand public service providers. The platform enables the audience to book public transport facilities via a demand-responsive platform. This way, while public transit agencies get to digitize their system, platforms like Bridj can earn a steady income by renting their booking software. 

Bridj has successfully joined hands with numerous public service providers in Sydney and various other Australian cities. The future for Bridj looks bright as the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the need for public transit services to turn digital. Bridj has also expanded its operations in Washington, D.C. and Singapore. 

Building an app like Bridj 

Following the success of Bridj, numerous entrepreneurs are aiming to explore the SaaS market for taxi apps. With advancements in technology, app development has become less complicated and hassle-free. There are two popular ways to develop a demand-responsive taxi platform. They include, 

  • Developing from the ground: In this technique, it is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to take care of everything, right from market research to app launch. Developing from scratch comes with numerous disadvantages like enhanced budget conditions and takes a minimum of 3-5 months to build the app. An emerging entrepreneur with a restricted budget finds it highly challenging to develop a taxi platform this way. 
  • Customizing readymade clone apps: Another fledgling technique that has gained prominence in the entrepreneurial circle is the introduction of clone apps. An entrepreneur can modify the readymade app based on their needs and venture into the market right away. The budget for this type of app development is relatively less, and one can establish a presence in the market within a matter of a few days. 

The latter method of clone apps is incredibly cost-effective, time-conserving, and highly scalable. 

Aspects to consider before venturing into the market 

Now, to compete against established brands like Bridj, an entrepreneur has to work extensively on a few vital elements. Rolling out a trendsetting Uber clone app after considering these aspects can help you achieve unparalleled success in your region of operation. These elements include, 

  • Analyze your market and competitors: Unless and until you get to stay ahead of your market rivals, success will remain a distant fruit. Market research is a secret ingredient that helps you analyze your market conditions. Similarly, competitor analysis can open up pain points of your rivals, enabling you to have a competitive edge. 
  • Work diligently on your app design: A user-friendly design does wonders for a taxi platform than a complicated one. Hence, it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to collaborate with skilled graphic designers to make the platform’s architecture simple and informative. 
  • Decide your pricing and revenue scheme: Economic constraint is one major factor that can steer a taxi platform towards success and sustainability. Choosing an economical pricing structure can help you cater to a wide range of audiences. Besides, predetermining your revenue streams is just as important as well. To maintain your business operations effortlessly, you need a consistent income source from your demand-responsive taxi platform. 
  • Implement an advanced feature-set: Features impact the audience instantly as it constitutes a majority of the front-end elements. Customers expect USPs in a taxi platform, and features are vital areas to concentrate on when it comes to USPs. Integrating cutting-edge features will create a trend among the audience, paving the way for enhanced profitability. 


The ride-sharing industry in Australia forecasts healthy growth in the upcoming years. Digitization of public transport services is the only way out to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Apps like Bridj have set a benchmark when it comes to ride-sharing platforms in Australia. Aligning with people’s trends can enable an entrepreneur with an Uber clone to outplay multiple rivals in the market. 

Reach out to an app development company, customize their demand-responsive Uber clone app, and set foot into the Australian ride-sharing industry right away. 


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