5 Mistakes to Avoid in New Zealand Visa Application


A lot of people plan to move to different countries abroad in the hopes of a better life and employment. But often people have to deal with their applications getting rejected. There are many reasons for getting your application rejected, one important being not considering assistance from professional service providers such as immigration lawyers Christchurch.

Similarly, there are other mistakes that are pretty common but people still repeat it more often than not. In this article, we look at the five common mistakes that you should avoid when planning to apply for a New Zealand visa.

Wrong Mediums

It is easy to understand why people easily fall prey to some common immigration scams, as they offer a promise of getting them abroad with an unrealistic offer. Whether its cheaper cost of application or overall cost, or the promise of a ‘too good to be true’ money earning opportunities, such scams are very common.

It is crucial that you apply for a visa application or opt for immigration services only through official mediums or the ones that are certified by the New Zealand immigrations department. Failing to do so will not only make you lose your hard-earned money, but also a chance to move to New Zealand.

Inadequate Documents

When applying for a visa, you will be required to present certain documents while submitting your application. Each type of visa requires the same base documents along with some specific types of documents and proofs.

For example, for a work visa, all required documents are the same, except you also need to show a job offer from a New Zealand based company. Further, you will need to ensure that you have the right qualifications and skills required to opt for that job. If you fail to provide such information, your application will be returned by the immigration department.

Insufficient Funds

Apart from the cost required to apply for the visa application, you will also need to show a proof of a certain amount of financial funds in your account. This is done to ensure that you will have the money and capability to survive on your own while being in the country.

If you fail to show the amount in your bank, it will lead to your application getting returned. The amount is different for each kind of visa, so it is important to check this prior to submitting your application. Or take help from a professional immigration lawyer if you are having trouble.

Failing to Submit Proof

When applying for immigration or visa for New Zealand or any country for that matter, you are required to provide certain proofs as well. Some of them include a good behavior certificate, proof of residence from your current country, the real reason for visiting the country and so on.

In the event you fail to submit these documents, your application will be returned by the immigration department.

Expiring Passport

People who are planning to visit the country for work or tour will need to have an up to date passport. The underlying condition is that your passport should not be close to the expiration date before or after you are in the country.

Double check the date of expiry on your passport. If they are going to expire within the next three to six months, it’s best to renew them as soon as possible.


You need to be careful and aware during the New Zealand work visa application submission process. Although these mistakes look basic, they are pretty common, and often lead to disappointment.


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