9 Simple Ideas To Reduce Diabetic Back Pain


According to the survey, most diabetic people suffer back pain. If you are suffering from diabetic pain, you are part of this large group. Most diabetic people suffer from back pain and it can be treated by taking some necessary precautions. Diabetic people suffer from various complications and lower back pain is one of them.  You can treat diabetic back pain with good self-management practices. Here, in this blog post, we have listed various tips that will help in reducing diabetic pain:

1. Do More Physical Activities.

If you will stay immobile, it can make your condition worse. Sitting idle for a long time will de-condition your muscles that can provide support to your neck. Ultimately, it will lead to increased back pain and neck pain. Therefore, people who are suffering from diabetic back pain should stay physically active. But, you should not overdo it at all.

You can do swimming, cycling, walking and jogging. A little amount of exercise will help in strengthening your muscles. When you do a workout, your body releases endorphins and it acts as natural pain relievers.  

2. Stretch Back Muscle

You should start your day with the stretching of muscles. By stretching muscles in the morning, you can prevent your back from injury. Thus, stretching will also help in working with less pain. You must start doing self-management to improve your lifestyle and body posture. You should stop living a sedentary lifestyle and try to improve your body posture.

Bad posture, long hours of sitting, an old injury, etc can lead to pressure in your spine and lead to chronic back pain. You should avoid sitting for long hours and start walking after every 30 minutes. You should continuously change your positions and do some stretches.

3. Use cushion

You should use a cushion on your seat so that you do not feel pressure on your back. There are different types of seating cushions and you have to choose the right one as per your needs and requirements. You should invest in portable cushions that you can take anywhere. You can easily place portable cushions at your office chair and car seat or anywhere you want.  The car seat riser cushion will help the diabetic back pain to stay comfortable on long drives.

4. Start Doing Meditation

According to the survey, it has been proved that meditation leaves a positive influence on back pain management. Diabetic people should add meditation to their routine because it helps them to get relief from chronic back pain.

 If you are a beginner, you should attend online classes and learn various meditation techniques. Regular mediation not just helps in providing some relief from pain, but also reduces your blood sugar level.  

5. Control Your Diabetes

According to the research, the probability of severe chronic pain increases when your diabetes goes out of control.  Diabetic people who are suffering from chronic back pain are at greater risk of high blood pressure.  Also, these people are at high risk of neuropathy, A1C, and bad cholesterol. These people are at high risk of severe chronic back pain. You should do exercise and improve your diet to control diabetes.  Also, you should put a limit on sugar intake because it can make your condition worse.

6. Quit Smoking

Smoking not just affects your lungs, but also increases the probability of diabetic back pain. Thus, people who are suffering from diabetes not just lead to bad health of the lungs, but also make the condition of diabetic people worse.  You should also limit the consumption of alcohol because it will interfere with your sleep and make your condition worse.

7. Distract Yourself From Pain

You should lookout for a different way to distract yourself from pain. Start watching your favorite movie, listen to your favorite songs, talk to your friends and family. All these activities will help distract your mind from the pain. You will start feeling better and forget about the pain.  

8. Stay Away From Stress

Diabetic sufferers should look out for different ways to reduce undue stress. Diabetic people should avoid taking stress because it can make your muscles weak. Stressed people breathe shallowly and it will increase their sensitivity to pain. The best way to reduce stress and pain is to do yoga and deep breathing. Yoga and deep breathing are the two best techniques to reduce stress and stay healthy.

9. Comfortable Footwear

Diabetic back pain sufferers should wear comfortable footwear because they help in reducing pressure on their backbone. Ultimately, it helps in reducing back pain. There are different types of footwear for diabetic people such as edema slippers. The edema slippers help in accommodating swollen feet easily and also help in reducing pressure on the back.


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