Top 7 VR Games to Play in 2020


2020 is packed with releases of new VR games. Today’s gaming trends don’t just occupy the choice of games but accessories that boost your experience. The task of looking for the best VR games is similar to going on the quest to find the best Internet prices

Want to avoid the legwork and start playing some of the best games already? You wouldn’t want to miss out on the games that are already released. Go ahead and check these best-sellers out:

1: Beat Saber

This is an action-packed rhythm game. The players must destroy color-coded blocks to the music’s rhythm pumping in the background. Beat Saber is one of those games that will help you improve your fitness. 

You can put your hand in the air either horizontally or vertically thanks to the two motion controllers. Hold the controller in a particular position for collecting points. 

The game features a highway which is similar to the one seen in Rock Band. The blocks that must be destroyed will be close to you. All you have to do is match your motion to the rhythm. It’s a really fun time pass. 

2: Falcon Age

As the name implies, you and your pet falcon will be up against the world. As per the game’s plot, your plant has been invaded by an army of robots. You break out of prison and befriend a falcon. Now you have to start fighting back. The falcon grows into an adult bird and learns tricks that will help you on your journey. 

With the falcon on one arm and a stun baton in the other, you are set on the mission to free areas occupied by robots. Your community relies on you to bring back peace. You can either play Falcon age in standard gamepad or VR, the choice is yours.

3: Pistol Whip 

It’s another rhythm game that takes you to the world of shapes and colors. It has a pretty simple gameplay: point and shoot your enemies, then reload, and move your head to dodge the bullets. The player moves along on rails focusing on shooting the enemies to the beat of the soundtrack. This is the secret to earn more points.

You can dual-wield your pistols and add more elements to make the game more advanced. You will never get enough of Pistol Whip. Don’t get me wrong, making a string of headshots to the beat is a satisfying feeling. As simple as this sounds, the game’s reviews say that Pistol Whip will bring you to real life gun use quicker than most games in its class, that you begin to feel like actually surviving. You might even feel like you need real-life PA-10 rifles and scope to complete the mission.

4: Half-Life Alyx

Alyx is one of the first shooters designed entirely for virtual reality therefore it had to be on the list of the best VR games. This game is not released yet but its headsets are available for sale. Make sure you grab one of these.

The story of Half-life Alyx takes place between the events taken from its 1st and 2nd editions. Alyx Vance is the main character who must save humans from vicious aliens. The story is a bit typical but not the gameplay. 

5: The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

It’s the adaptation of the comic book series by the same name. As per the story, you must fight the undead and revive the New Orleans ruins. On your journey, you and some survivors will be faced with some challenges. Before you buy this game, make sure the VR headset you currently have supports its format.

6: No Man’s Sky 

No Man’s Sky takes you on a journey in a cockpit discovering new worlds. This game is not for everyone. Only those people will enjoy it who wants to explore the planets as well as the galaxy. The whole gameplay is based on interacting with the universe.

When you get started, you won’t run out of new things to see and explore since the galaxy is enormous. The good news is this game has been recently expanded. You will new capital ship, base building, and a few other upgrades. You will get lost exploring this real-time strategy survival game.

7: Doom VFR

This game is a VR adaptation of Doom. It’s kind of a reboot so you will experience new things. Doom VFR has a different story and combat dynamics have been heavily tweaked keeping the VR dynamics in mind.

The game is full of surprises. You might have to quickly turn around and deal with enemies coming from all directions. Originally, the game was designed for using a teleportation system to cover a large distance. They have now added free movement using a controller.

Doom: Eternal is out already but its VR version is not available so far. So with that being said, Doom VFR is one of the best editions to play.


To have a great experience playing these games, you must have the right VR headsets and high-speed Internet from one of the top Internet providers in New York. You are sure to have a great time.


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