Ayurvedic medicines to increase immunity


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People in India consume ayurvedic medicines to treat chronic disorders such as hypertension, diabetes etc. Ayurvedic medicines can cure some of the common problems such as cough, cold, indigestion, poor appetite etc. They balance the three energies of the body namely fire, water and air. So, they increase the overall immunity of an individual. The ayurvedic experts study the root cause of the disease and provide medications to the patients. They simply do not cure only the symptoms. For e.g. If a person is suffering from cough problem, then it may be due to allergy or inability to resist cold. Then, the problem is caused due to the imbalance of three energies in the body such as air, water or fire. Then, they provide medications to balance the energies of the body. So, the people in India prefer ayurvedic medicine to increase immunity.

Ayurvedic medicines to increase immunity of an individual 

Every human being is born with a weak immune system. The infants can easily fall ill if they are exposed to a different environment. Our immune system becomes stronger as we constantly interact with the nature. Our body fights against the microbes and our immune system becomes stronger.  The medicine that we consume is used to produce antibodies in our body and attack the antigens that are causing problems. But, a person cannot consume antibiotics frequently. People who frequently consume antibiotics usually lose their resistance power.

Ayurvedic medicine is useful in building immunity power so that we are not affected by the microorganisms around us. They should understand the concept of ayurvedic medicine to increase immunity. The diseases in Ayurveda are classified into two categories namely Aganthu and Nija. Nija diseases are caused due to imbalance of energies in the body and these diseases can be cured understanding our tendencies. Aganthu diseases are caused due to external forces such as accidents, injuries or trauma or due to environmental factors. So, a person should understand three basic concepts of ayurveda namely Bala, Vyadhi Kshamatwa and Ojas. Bala is the basic concept of building strength. Vyadhi Kshamatwa is resisting the illness and Ojas means the physiological transformation. The person should follow three steps to build immunity power. He should follow some tips to prevent the disease. Then, he should understand the techniques of balancing the body functions. They should follow some practices to eliminate the microorganisms from the body. For e.g. drinking warm water, they can kill germs such as bacteria. They should also understand the correlation between diseases and immunity. To prevent the disease, they should regularly consume some foods that are useful in better functioning of the organ. For e.g. A person should regularly consume fruits such as oranges or sweet lime can easily fight for any infection.  

Importance of tulsi in ayurvedThe concept of Tulsi ayurved explains the usefulness of tulsi to cure different diseases. Tulsi is useful in treating various infections and illness. In India, tulsi known as holy basil is worshipped by people and considered ‘Goddess of devotion. It can cure various diseases as it consists of anti-inflammatory properties and contains disease-fighting antioxidants. It is also


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