The ultimate Guide to SEO competitor Analysis


Are you willing to do a new online adventure? Are you losing your customers in organic search results? If your head nods towards yes, then you are in the right place. Yes, you are in need to do SEO competitor analysis. And, now you are in an apt place to skyrocket your business by getting organic traffic to your website with the help of our ultimate guide to SEO competitor analysis. 

Most of the top SEO services are doing it just right, why can’t you? 

If you are exhausted of being outmatched, then I’m going to show you the all-inclusive method that aids you to analyses and target keywords. 

Spot your SEO rivals

You would have known the big players in your industry. But do you know any of your SEO competitors? Of course, they both are not the same. You may have numerous SEO competitors who are even outside of your niche but compete with you in SERPs. 

Your top SEO competitors mean the ones who are ranking at the top of the search results in Google or other search engines for the keyword you are targeting. 

It is easy peas to find out the competitors just by entering the targeted keyword in the search engine and writing down the top domain names.

Analysis of Keyword Gap

The most important thing to take care of your online business is to analyze the keyword gap competitors. Do you know what is meant by keyword gap? It is something that your competitors are already focusing, and you are not doing it. 

So, by identifying this, you can watch the particular keywords that your competitors are pinpointing, and you aren’t. With the help of this keyword analysis gap, you can start ranking better than you already are. 

Do On-page optimization

 Performing competitive analysis will help you to know some new data to work. Some of the things that you’ll be aware of will be the type of content they publish, how regular they publicize content, and as well the keyword they are targeting. 

Other than this, you have to show some special attention in the title tag, description tag, providing keyword in the title, focusing on the length of the title, and analyzing content. 

In addition to the above things, you have to concentrate on assaying content. While reviewing content, you have to notice the relevance of the topic, type of content creation, word count and if it is a video, then check the video length. 

Research backlink growth

Link popularity is one of the best SEO ranking factors. So, it is highly necessary to review your competitors’ link building efforts. There are loads of free tools available for analyzing your backlinks. So, use them to check yours and your competitor’s backlinks to inspect the reason behind why you are lagging in results. 

Examine User experience

Do you know a thing? Google is hyper-focused in enhancing the experience of its users. And so, you have to. Moreover, in the past years, Google has focused highly on UX – gives better user experience, faster uploading of web pages, and enhanced search results. 

If you feel that your website is slower than your competitors or it is unresponsive, then you have to correct those things to get a better result. You can ask your digital marketing agency to do this for you. 

Competitor’s content analysis

Keywords seem to be the primary thing that develops content ideas, and as well focus well on your competitor’s top-performing content. We are focusing on it, as it is the one that helps your competitor to earn more links. 

The most reliable method of content creation in SEO is, 

  • Discovering competitors content
  • Creating unique content
  • Promoting the content

It is not recreating your competitors content but significantly improves upon it.

Review your site structure

It is desirable to optimize your sitemap for better indexing, higher page speed optimization, high-value landing pages, analyze click depth, searcher intent, PageRank distribution, landing pages and more. 

Know how your competitor leverage social media

The specific idea of how online media meets with SEO company is ardently challenged, however hardly any advancement experts would differ that it’s a significant component of any sound SEO strategy. 

That is because a decent social listening apparatus does far more than you modernize on each new feline image your rival is tweeting. 

A decent social listening apparatus empowers you to: 

Increment site traffic by following link less notices via online media and drawing in with your crowd – particularly when individuals are explicitly utilizing or searching for your item. 

Track brand specifies off online media stages and does something very similar (a decent social listening device ought to have the option to screen news locales, websites, discussions, and so forth) 

Screen client conclusion (Google’s doing this as well – and it can influence rankings!). 

Some simple exploration you can perform incorporates checking: 

  • Which stages your rivals are utilizing?
  • How regularly do they distribute the new substance?
  • How do they speak with their customers?
  • Which kinds of substances get the most commitment?

You may even need to follow contender link less notices, client audits, and PR so you can perceive what their clients like about their item or administration – and what you could improve.


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