Knit vs Crochet: Differences and Pros & Cons


Learning to Crochet or knit? Or simply trying to know the difference? Both yarn crafts are very similar. But there are some big differences. Read till the end and you will be able to learn the differences between crochet and knitting. We will also talk about the pros and cons of both methods. They are different from embroidered patches.

Knit vs Crochet: the way to Tell Them Apart

How are you able to tell if a garment or accessory was knitted or crocheted? Usually, unless the creator is exceptionally sneaky, it is easy to inform whether something was knitted or crocheted. 

Typical Knitting Motifs

Another way to inform whether something was crocheted or knit is to understand the common motifs. Motifs are a part of . Some are much easier to make with knitting and may offer you an honest clue that the item was knit:

  • Cables
  • Fair Isle
  • Ribbed Knitting

Let’s check out each variety:


A chunky cable sweater may be a typical knit—knitters crate cables by changing the order of the stitches.

Fair Isle

Fair Isle (or any colorwork within one row) is nearly impossible to Crochet. You will find fair isle most ordinarily on the tops of sweaters.

Ribbed Knitting

Ribbing is that the stitching you see on the wrists or necks of knit garments. It is a naturally stretchy stitch, and a simple thanks to telling something is knit.

Typical Crochet Motifs

Crochet also has some repeated motifs you’ll expect:

  • Granny Squares
  • Circular Items
  • “Open” or Lace Work

Granny squares structure the standard crochet blanket. Each square is formed by working outwards, usually with multiple colours.

garment elements that repeat. Circular items crochet more often, according to Granny Squares. If the circular, lacy look is good to you, then you ought to learn to Crochet!

Should You Knit or Crochet?

If you would like to require a craft, which one do you have to learn?

Which One is Better?

Both methods (knitting and crocheting) require patience and practice, it isn’t really about which is best. Crocheting vs knitting comes right down to personal preference. Each technique lends itself to different products.

You can decide which method to find out by finding out the advantages and disadvantages.

Knitting Pros / Crochet Cons

There are some techniques where knitting beats crocheting without exception. 

Better Drape

Crocheters will always be jealous of a fine-knit scarf or shawl!


Even with the yarn of lightweight, Crochet is bulkier than knitting. To Crochet something with a nice drape, you’ve got one option: make it lacy.

Crochet clothing items still look beautiful. But anything warm is going to be stiffer.

Color Work

You can achieve colorwork like Fair Isle such a lot easier with knitting.

Think of the comfortable hats and sweaters with colorful Fair Isle designs. If you would like to 

form these, devour knitting.

That’s to not say you cannot add color into crocheting. However, you can add color stripes as they are easy in either method.

Crocheting with a crochet needle.

Crochet Pros / Knitting Cons

Now let’s examine when crocheting is best.

Only 1 Hook

To Crochet an item you simply need one hook. Compare this to knitting, which needs you to stay track of a minimum of two needles.Many knit items need both double-pointed needles and circular needles. This is often true for love or money that changes shape or needs shaping like sweaters, socks or hats.

If you knit your first sock on double-pointed needles, you recognize the training curve for using 3+ needles is steep.Crocheting is quicker (Maybe)

That being said, Crochet tends to be faster. Actual speed will vary counting on the knitter or crocheter’s experience.

You can make more of the garment in less time. Choosing to crochet a blanket rather than knitting it is often an enormous time saver.

Fun Shapes

Someone who has done it will tell you that it’s hard to knit a flower. But an identical item is completely natural in Crochet. Crocheting lends itself to making shapes. Since you are making one item stitch at a time, it’s easier to create into what you would like. Stuffed toys and animals are usually crocheted, not knit.

Knitting is restricted to flat or tube shapes. Hats and scarves are the simplest shapes in knitting.

Knit and Crochet Combinations

We learned that crocheting and knitting have different applications. They shine in several areas. 

Add-ons like flowers or hearts are so much easier to Crochet. Often the best garment is knit, and therefore the pattern will have you ever crochet items to pin on.

A knit garment that came out beautiful apart from a ragged edge is often fixed with a crochet border.


If you have any queries about crocheting or knitting or anything related to custom embroidery digitizing, feel free to reach out to us at MigDigitizing. We will be happy to assist you. 


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