Getting A Tattoo: 6 Design Ideas For Your Next Tattoo


Finding the right tattoo is a struggle. Whether you are getting a new one or adding to your existing collection.

Tattoos have come a long way from barbed wires and flowers on wrists. While to experts and enthusiasts they always meant something more. Their meaningfulness is becoming more apparent in the more common people as well. However, getting a new one or finding the right design for your next one can be a bit of a hassle. From all the trends and existing designs, standing out is always the priority for experts.

How can you do that? When there are millions of designs, what can help you stand out? The key to understand is that the more personal and close to your heart a design is, the better it is. However, there are some trends that are universal. Choosing one from these available types and channelling your own energy into them can help you find your next design. Therefore, let us examine some of the most trendy designs ideas today. 

  1. Sleeved Arm

Do you wish to make a bold statement? Wish to stand out in a crowd of half-sleeve wearers? Then you might as well just book your next appointment and get a sleeve. There are many types of sleeved tattoos. Tribal, traditional, colourful, dot work, black work et cetera.  All of these point towards one thing, making a statement without speaking anything. Not only does it suit people with a story to tell, but also helps them outshine their peers, classmates etc. The reason why it has become famous in recent times because many stars, sports persons and celebrities have gone this route. A sleeve does not need to be plain and simple. It can be a collection of various things.

  1. Inner finger tattoo

You have seen outer finger tattoos. You might have seen tattoos on fingers right below the knuckles. However, this trend has taken off in past few years. To have tattoos on the inside of your fingers. Not only does it add meaning to whatever is written or sketched there, it also draws attention. If it’s a name, date or quote, then it becomes all the more meaningful. Look into some inspiration before going for it. Because the visual appeal it has might just attract you.

  1. Wrist Wrap 

A wrist wrap is just that. A tattoo wrapping your wrist with intriguing designs, colour palettes or quotes. Depending on the type of design you go for, it can be just as attractive as a sleeved arm. How come? Because if you go for something wider than usual, then it can be a mini sleeve of sorts. However, the reason it has become a preference for new tattoo getters is because of its visual appeal. Look up some designs before going for something.

  1. Neck Tattoo

Perhaps the oldest and most basic designs, neck tattoos are not dead yet. In fact, they might have taken off properly only recently. An artist from Tattoo Design Inc suggests that neck tattoos made a strong come back in 2019-20. Why? Because older trends tend to come back and perhaps this is just a coincidence. However, they are still going and you can get one easily.

  1. Biomechanical 

Biomechanical is a design for enthusiasts. Period. It stands out as the most interesting type of tattoo on any part of your body. It makes a particular part of your body look like something out of a movie like terminator. However, it blends themes of retro, steam-punk and modern tech. Making it one of the most in-demand types recently. However, if you look at their cost, then you might be baffled. But, their intrigue and visual appeal outweighs their price point.

  1. Dates & Quotes

The simplest and most effective of all tattoos, dates and quotes. It could be the day you met your S/O, or the day you had your first kid. The more important the significance, the better. While they could be generic, anything creative added to it gives it an aura. For instance, someone had tattoo made of their child’s first written name. You could go for something similar and get it done.


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