Travel Best Brands to visit in Hong Kong

Best Brands to visit in Hong Kong


The future of limited resources and limited energy is the reason why we bring environmentally friendly products into the family and improve our lifestyle choices. One way to minimize the impression on the surroundings is to use resources and resources of sustainable species carefully. We have compiled a list of the best sustainable brands in Hong Kong, with products ranging from kitchen appliances and clothes to perfumes and standard products, so you can be part of the change you want to see in the world.

Coconut material

The coconut substance is ensured by regular craftsmanship items, veggie lover items and not tried on creatures. High quality makeup and individual consideration items are accessible which are all founded on the medical advantages of coconut. The brand has dependable fixings, including coconut oil, coconut oil, coconut oil and other basic oils.

Cooperating with Kokonut Pacific will have a social impact on coconuts. The agency works with people in tropical rural areas to improve their livelihoods by promoting the coconut trade. They also affect the environment by working to minimize waste and choosing destructive packaging.

Master John Biology

John Masters Organics is a manufacturer of natural and non-toxic products, providing a variety of hair care, skin care, physique care and perfume products. All items are made with at any rate 70% or more normal fixings (aside from water and salt), including common fixings created without the utilization of traditional or manufactured pesticides. Every common fixing in the equation has been affirmed by the USDA National Organic Program.

Approved by PETA, the brand does not use animal testing. John Masters-the founder of John Masters Organics-used early plant knowledge in the product development process to provide all the treated customers with plants, flowers, oils and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Stay beautiful for a long time. This is best sustainable brand in Hong Kong if you are health conscious.


Founded in 2008, Bamboa is the first bamboo store in Asia. The store is dedicated to producing sustainable and effective household and daily necessities made from durable bamboo. Bamboa products are biodegradable and contain no pesticides, without any other environmental damage guarantee.

The store offers a range of casual clothes and hypoallergenic bedding-suitable for customers with sensitive skin. Bamboa is not only limited to furniture and lifestyle, Bamboa also offers a variety of bamboo models, including hats, handbags, jewelry and even sunglasses. The production of bamboo in rural Asian communities also helps reduce poverty in remote areas.


Encouraged by New Zealand’s zero waste work, Slowood provides you with a variety of environmentally friendly solutions to meet your basic daily needs. Recycling, biodegradability, zero waste and eco-friendliness are some of the keywords related to brand value-all brands are the foundation of a sustainable lifestyle.

Slowood obtains resources from more than 100 international and local brands to provide sustainable housing and lifestyle products and provide food feeding in multiple market segments.

The store has a gas station where customers can purchase reusable storage containers, or use their own clean containers to store items such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seasonings.

Affordable Slowood also provides customers with a variety of durable beauty and textile products, as well as reusable masks-especially suitable for this epidemic.


Womb is an online retail space in Hong Kong with multiple independent brands offering ethical, vegan and sustainable products-from furniture, jewelry to fashion accessories. Womb, founded by Kasia Galak and Maria Grzywacz, provides an environment-friendly reputation platform-from the local clothing company Cosmos Studio, which introduced a new type of sustainable dye technology or a dye Miamiko. Matte Yoga 100% recycled line Magda,For more info you can visit TMS


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