5 Christmas Decoration Ideas to Embellish Your Cozy Bedrooms


Christmas comes once in a year, but it’s celebrated with the best and jolliest of cheers. In many parts of the world, it is not just a day but a series of weeks of yay!

Streets, malls, stores, schools, everywhere you look, you’ll see and feel the Yule spirit. Of course, homes are filled with the Holiday glee! As much as you splash awesomeness to your home exteriors and interior rooms, you can style your bedrooms with the atmosphere of Christmas 

Have you already prepared your Christmas decors to set, hang and stick to your bedrooms? Don’t know what decorations to buy or make? Well, you’re on the right piece. It’s definitely nice to sprinkle your bedrooms with the magical touch of Yuletide! Get your notes ready for here are 5 Christmas decor ideas to adorn your cozy bedrooms!  



Sleeping and lying down on the bed is much more delightful when the Ber months is there with bells on! It’s so pleasurable and comfortable to rest and relax with bedroom essentials coated with the Christmas gist!   

You can level up your pillows and cushions with led lights that make them catch the eye and shoot the heart with wow and excitement! Christmas pillows with led lights installed inside them are super artistic decorations and highly functional merchandise. They can make your sleep smoother and lovelier while clothing your bedroom with shimmering and fascinating colors! 

Various designs that fit the Christmas mood can be found with these pillows. You can select your type as you please or have yours customized with your name or your favorite Noel carol! With snuggly textures you can caress and some details that make these pillows lively, you will absolutely enjoy staying in your bedroom even more. Short naps feel longer and more rejuvenating!   

From the photo above, you can see a sloth wearing a Santa hat and a snowflake-designed scarf, happily hanging on a branch veiled with lit up Christmas lights. Would you look at that! Even the sleepy and lazy sloth is awake and all smiles for the Holidays! 


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Christmas trees have been used to celebrate winter festivals. Part of the Yule tradition of many houses from the old times and from the modern era is setting up the Christmas tree when the Holidays are coming up! Gifts under it provide the most vibrant buzz! 

When you already have a Christmas tree standing inside your living room, you might hesitate to put another in your sleeping areas, but because you’re a fan or these ornaments, you still can’t help it. 

To lessen the costs from buying another and the efforts from installing it, buy a stick-on crochet Christmas tree! You may limitedly find such, so when you see one, don’t be reluctant to add it to your shopping cart. On the other hand, personalization is available, so there’s nothing too big to worry when market supplies aren’t enough.

Stick-on crochet Christmas trees are perfect for attaching to doors and walls. They are very cute and adorable even the little kiddos will love them! You can surely save space in your bedroom. Meanwhile, when the place is not really spacious, these are worthy options! 

Naughty nieces and nephews and active pets moving around your bedroom won’t ruin this crochet Christmas tree secured onto your doors and walls. What’s more, if you have more than one bedroom at home, these are more economic decor selections! There’s no hassle both in installing them and in removing them after the Holidays. 


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Dreaming of a white Christmas? With paper snowflakes hanging from your ceiling, you will certainly not just dream of it but see it with your own eyes! 

Just as infants enjoy those rotating and music-making toys and attachments over their cribs, adults will be like a child with a new toy as charming decors hang over their beds! You can purchase paper snowflakes from markets or do them yourself. Hook them with strings that will keep them safe and sound up there. 

Limiting the color to white, silver and blue would be nice to resemble winter snowflakes, but different sizes and shapes will make your bedroom look more appealing. Speckle them with glitters, sequins, jewels and garlands for a more lustrous and bonny bedroom look! Turn the aircon on or the fans spinning to bring the snowflakes in motion. 


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Don’t frown when all you got are some socks for Christmas! You can revamp and tailor them with an old ski stuck in your storage room or with a cheap ski you can purchase from a nearby Crimbo shop.

Clean and dust off the ski. Perk it up with some red or green ribbons. Bring out the left-over threads and tie them up to dress the ski. Attach those precious stickers you have in your art boxes. Decorate old socks with your very own cherished styles! Paint on them or sew your name or image! Glitz them up with gems and embellishments that fit the Holiday vibe! 

This activity might need expert help in nailing or screwing the ski on the walls. Consult with your house carpenter, home constructor or new home builders with regards to this matter, so you will know if your wall is suitable and safe for this. Do not simply attach the ski on your own if you don’t have a clear idea and appropriate skills for installing it.

When everything’s perfectly set, hang those dainty Christmas socks on your plain walls. Put some mini gifts, or leave them empty for your Santas at home to fill them with tender treats.



How can you forget the power of flowers when it’s Christmas? Poinsettia, the representative flower of Christmas, is made of the colors red and green, and it easily reminds everyone of the Holidays! 

Put a pot of Poinsettia beside the windows for them to glow and bloom nicely as they peek through the window! The redness of these flowers is very attractive, giving your bedroom a striking point indeed. You don’t really need a fancy flower pot to plant these flowers because they are already elegant themselves!  

A tray of scented candles beside the Poinsettia can make a more romantic and cushy Yuletide essence in your bedrooms! 



Make your home most beautiful and most cheerful for the Holidays! Choose not only the visually pleasing items but also the safe-to-use ones! Spend a merry Christmas surrounded with ornaments so nice and a love so dear! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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