Why is Shopify ideal for creating and developing your E-commerce site?


Today, E-commerce is one of the main and most popular business applications of the Internet. With the boom in this industry, many marketers have found themselves forced to reinvent their strategy. Indeed, it is more important than ever to develop your e-commerce site by offering a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Why shopify to develop your e-commerce site

In this regard, Magento, Woo Commerce, PrestaShop, Open Cart, and Big Commerce are some of the most popular platforms. However, Shopify is proving to be a preferred choice for web merchants who seek quality and efficiency – while having the advantage of simplicity.
According to statistics published on W3Techs.com, it is used by 1.9% of all websites as of December 2019, representing a market share of content management systems of 3.3%.

Shopify, what you need to know

Since launching in 2006, Shopify has quickly ranked as the # 1 Saabs ecommerce site. It was designed to help every sales business set up, operate and expand their online stores in a short period of time. All this is offered at a cost that remains relatively low. This scalable platform features hundreds of built-in functions as well as a myriad of applications. You can, therefore, promote, market and sell your products or services through a number of online store channels, Facebook or Facebook Messenger, Amazon, Buy Buttons and Shopify POS. In other words, everything has been optimized to increase your return on investment.

Plus, you can easily customize a site to match your brand. To do this, you have the option to choose from a rich selection of design templates, modern themes, and editing tools. However, Shopify is also a trading company. So a business can use Shopify for free for 14 days. However, she must then adopt one of the three options offered, Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. All three differ from each other in terms of functionality and monthly price. Therefore, you have to incur additional expenses to manage your store and to be able to use commercial themes, apps and plugins.

Why choose Shopify to design an E-commerce site?

Whether you are starting a new online business, adding a point of sale to your existing physical store, or just looking to change your current E-commerce platform, you will be faced with a plethora of different options. In this regard, Shopify is one of the top graphic design NZ companies performing leading online store designers. It powers 500,000 businesses and achieved an impressive revenue of $ 1.073 billion in 2018, an increase of 59% over 2017. The reason for this growth is particularly due to the many benefits it offers.

1. Ease of installation and use

Shopify is proving to be the best alternative for those who want a complete solution, but don’t have any technical skills traditionally required for developing an internet store. This is the solution to develop your e-commerce site. And for good reason, the platform itself offers the software and hosting necessary to launch the website. The administration interface is intuitive and user-friendly, while the one dedicated to users is largely convincing. Additionally, Shopify bundles a variety of professional templates that make it easy to build unique stores. It comes with a minimal theme, but designers and developers can work on it to establish a site with an engaging UI (User Interface).

2. Visually appealing sites

Shopify allows businesses to enhance and personalize the look of their online stores using a wide variety of themes. You can then select the one that suits you best based on a number of criteria. Minimalist style, grid layout, large inventories, beautiful images, etc. you are spoiled for choice.

3. Application integrations

Each user has the option to choose from a large number of free and paid apps from the Shopify App Store. These allow you to create and run web stores without having to write long and complex codes. You can use it to simplify inventory management, shipping, social media integration, and accounting. Likewise, certain tools are at your disposal to generate traffic to your home page, retain visitors and increase your conversion rate. You can also analyze sales, monitor customer behavior, and identify traffic sources without using third-party tools.

4. Safety and reliability

Another advantage of Shopify is the security and reliability it offers. These factors are essential for a digital business as it deals with consumers’ confidential personal and financial information. Likewise, updates and maintenance are supported by this hosted solution. Additionally, Shopify offers over 70 international payment gateways. Thus, you can easily choose and integrate the channel which seems the safest to you according to your activities. However, there is a transaction fee involved every time a customer uses a third-party payment gateway. You can avoid this by opting for Shopify Payment (however this feature is only available in a few countries).

5. Powerful marketing tools

As a complete platform, Shopify also has the marketing advantage. The basic version offers SEO functions as well as advanced ecommerce analysis. Plus, it features tools like personalized gift cards, coupons, store stats, targeted email marketing, and more. As a globally hosted solution, Shopify also has top-notch infrastructure as well as optimized hardware and software. This gives it super-fast loading speed to get every operation done in seconds.

Likewise, Shopify themes are designed to look best on mobile devices. There are even free iPhone and Android apps that can be used to manage the store. It also means that you can expand your target audience knowing that more and more users are now using these devices to visit websites.

6. Exceptional customer service

In addition to causing lost revenue, downtime directly affects the reputation of any virtual store. That’s why many companies deploy a team of technicians to avoid site downtime and troubleshoot performance issues. However, small businesses and young entrepreneurs often lack the resources to do this. With Shopify, you’ll be able to get help right away to minimize the inconvenience associated with this. This allows you to contact customer support staff by email, chat or phone. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Item Proposed By: Nicolas Finest

Nicolas Finest is an entrepreneur and blogger specializing in the themes of digital marketing and growth hacking. He is notably the co-founder of Folio3 ecommerce development company, a platform allowing companies to find the online marketing that best suit their projects.


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