Computer AMC service – A profitable deal for companies


An annual maintenance contract ensures the smooth functioning of your system. Errors in the computer system are common nowadays.

Their negative impact is shown directly on our work. It gets disturbed and delayed. At that time, we search for an IT expert.

Due to computer issues, you end up spending lots of money and time. AMC is just like a guardian of your computer. Firms have different duration plans. Many packages last up to 1 year and some for three years.

Mainly it includes IT status reports, network reports, equipment management, and solution to inquiries.

It looks after even the smallest need of your computer. There are two types of AMC:

  • Comprehensive AMCs

It includes transportation, work, service, spare parts, and transportation of machines as well.

Its responsibility is to take care of the computer completely.

  • Non-comprehensive AMCs

It just charges for the assigned work. The customer needs to pay for extra work.

In other words, it’s like a routine checkup of your computer. Tasks such as replacement of parts cost separately.

Support options by AMC

  • Software support
  • Hardware support
  • Antivirus support
  • Firewall support
  • Network support
  • Printer support

Common computer issues

Technology is changing at a rapid speed. You might get stuck due to some issues. Some most of the common computer issues are:

  • Network security

It is the most common problem every business face. There is always a risk of attack by hackers.

Cybersecurity is vital for all kinds of business. The attackers might attack a small business as well.

  • Backup related issues

Data is important for all kinds of business. To prevent it from losing, you need to have a backup of it.

AMC ensures timely backup of your data. Backup data needs to keep safe, and AMC ensures its safety.

  • Plugging 

To sort out cables, you need time and energy. Spending your time on such things will affect your business.

Cables that need to be connected are power cable, USB cable, internet cable, and extra cables.

  • Hardware and software issues

Technical devices can any time have a hardware problem, and you need to be ready to deal with it.

Business computer AMC services takes this responsibility for maintaining hardware.

The software can crash anytime and needs to be replaced quickly for the proper functioning of the computer.

Reasons for having AMC

Every contract varies from business to business. It also varies from contract to contract. Advantages of having an AMC are as follows:

  1. Easy budgeting

When you are aware of expenses to be done on systems then, you manage money accordingly. Unseen expenses are tough to manage for a business.

Having an AMC leaves you free and relaxed. You do not worry about stressful situations because you know AMC will save you.

It’s just once in a year that you need to take out money for systems maintenance. Without it, you might need to spend every month.

  1. Get more facilities

With a package, there is a possibility of getting more facilities. These add-on facilities ensure the smooth functioning of your network as well.

AMC ensures that you get the most. You will not face inefficiency. Problems will be solved on the spot, without delaying your work.

  1. Attention to other things

With an AMC, you can focus more on your business. You can completely rely on it for annual maintenance.

It is much better to hire someone to take care of your technical aspect of the business so that targets are achieved on time.

With an AMC, you need not keep contact numbers of IT experts and give them calls.

  1. Experts for your service

You cannot rely on any random person for IT maintenance. Experts save time and give you better solutions.

With an AMC, you have several experts for every service. An amateur can solve your problem temporarily, but then, you will be needed to spend again on that problem.

Sometimes they work carelessly, and your system can have permanent damage.

  1. Emergency support

With all kinds of AMCs, you get emergency support, which is vital for your business and systems.

Usually, you don’t get help when you need it the most. With an AMC, you have a support system available for you all the time.

You need not worry if you have an AMC as it can help you anytime you need it.

  1. Genuine parts

In the field of IT, markets are filled with copy parts. They do not have durability and ask for more expense for repairing them.

AMC gives you genuine parts. They inform you about the guarantee period and other relevant information.

Points to keep in mind while selecting an AMC 

  • Go through all types of packages.
  • Try to choose the AMC that covers most of the services.
  • Check for those services that you need the most.
  • Check the number of experts they have.
  • Ask for their previous work and experience.
  • Check for preventive maintenance, support services, and discounts.
  • Compare all the AMCs before choosing.
  • Take advice from someone or browse before consulting an AMC.

In a nutshell

A business can prosper when every branch of it is working well. IT infrastructure is the most important part of a business. Whether it is a small scale or large-scale business, IT infrastructure is needed by both.

To prevent hindrance in your business, you must ensure that your systems are working well. You can’t keep an eye on them all the time.

Nor your employees will do this for you. That’s why it is better to have an AMC.

It takes care of your computers and doesn’t make you bother about minor issues. With an AMC, you have all professionals available to you for all the services.

Hence, computer AMC is an ideal deal for a business.


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