How to Improve Your Academic Writing Skill


Efficient writing skills can help you achieve a good degree, along with increasing your written communication power. You need a good command over the language to write fluently. Here are some essential tips that will help you to write better:

  • Avoid overuse of passive voice

If you write every sentence in the passive voice, it will destroy the flow of the sentences. Resultantly, what you will submit will be a paper with no organic unity. Try to use active voices more to maintain the coherence of the language.

  • Avoid writing in first person

Academic writing is a type of formal writing and never should be written from a first-person perspective unless it is reflective writing.

  • Proper punctuation

Some students can’t understand the difference between a colon and a semi-colon. Moreover, you may feel confused about whether to use a comma. Learn how to use proper punctuation to rule out these errors.

  • Employ multiple sentence structures

If you write three or more sentences in a row using the same sentence structure, it will sound monotonous. Instead, use different kinds of sentence structures by introducing different types of clauses.

  • Improved vocabulary

Improved vocabulary can make your essay sound unique and authentic.

  • Don’t overcomplicate

Do use complex sentences and vocabularies. But don’t overuse it. It will overcomplicate the writing which is not desirable at all. 

  • Learn differences between various types of academic writing

The structure of reports is not similar to the structure of reflective writing. You need to add an executive summary to an academic report that is not required in any other types of academic writing. Learn the differences between writing an essay and a dissertation. If the structure of your paper is not right, the professor would automatically deduct marks. Moreover, it will create a wrong impression.

  • Don’t copy

If you copy something line-by-line or word-by-word from another text, it will be considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offence for which you may be expelled from your college or university. Instead of plagiarizing, you can take the help of various paraphrasing software. There are numerous of these available on the Internet free of cost. However, these software can’t constructlogical sentences. So, if you copy-paste from these websites, it is highly possible that you would end up with a paper full of grammatical errors.  

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