#1 Bathroom Colors for 2021 – Ideas and Trends


Try to consolidate various shadings and materials, give the bathroom a similar consideration you have dedicated to decorating the bathroom and you won’t think twice about it when you see the outcome. 

Next, will show you the colors for very nice bathrooms that are trending now and for 2021.

Red baths

The red color for the bathroom is never the foremost used color, however, in this case, the black tiles are very elegant with the rear wall up red, and mix all right with the small print in black.

The red color is right for luxurious bathrooms and exotic design. But it’s a color that we will also use in bathrooms without numerous glamor pretensions, whether for accessories, in ceramics, or in simple details.

Green bathrooms

The green color, to cover the walls of a bathroom, gives it that fresh and natural feeling but with an urban, elegant and modern style when combined with an up to date washbasin like this. Decorative elements, like a vase, mirror, and lamps, add great interest.

Also slightly more saturated green tones are in fashion.

As well as dark, green forest tones. they appear fantastic amid white or black.


An excellent color palette to offer life to an old bathroom with white sanitary ware. Ideal for little and really bright bathrooms. The white color of the walls and therefore the golden or pink accessories provide it the required contrast in order that it’s not monotonous.


An energetic orange bathroom like this one requires white accessories. The various details are laminated by the wood floor.

An orange wall tile in the bathroom will undoubtedly be the protagonist, therefore it must be combined with quite sober elements. An outsized frameless mirror balances the bold tone of the walls and accompanies the vertical effect of the towel warmer.

You can also take a risk for an almost pink-orange, which combined with golden metals looks great.

Pink color

From yellowish pink, millennial, or almost fuchsia, the pink offers a good range of shades that are very fashionable and appear fabulous within the bathroom.

This glamorous bathroom combines varied elements successfully, like vintage-style tiles and tiles with a really modern lamp. The chosen color palette beat white and pink with black accents perfectly harmonizes what might sound incompatible. The female touch isn’t only given by the pink color on the wall and floor, but also by the white of the towels and accessories.


You can add dynamism to a bathroom with decorative tile. The multicolored bluish tiles during this bathroom are the focus despite the variability of elements that coexist during this space. 

The nautical motifs are ideal to make a fresh and personalized bathroom by means of straightforward blue, black, and grey stripes on the wall. Towels, carpet, and curtains help recreate the theme in reminder dark blue.


A gray bathroom will always look sophisticated. The mixture of huge dark gray tiles with small blue mosaics creates a classy look. White sanitary appliances offer a chic contrast, while accessories in bluish tones enhance the mosaics.


The bath with shades of white, amid some neutral or touches of vibrant color, will always be a classic. 

If you want to discover more about the exclusive and luxurious modern bathrooms design and trends please get in touch with us. We provide extraordinary bathrooms for everyday living.


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