An Expert’s Guide to Recognizing a Great Preschoo


You love your children and you want to make sure you give them the best in everything. That includes the best kind of preschool. When you start your search, make sure you know how to pick the best ones.

Here’s some helpful advice to find a great preschool:

Check the Reputation

Which schools have an excellent reputation? Those are wonderful places to start. Feedback from parents and other students can give you a more insightful look at the school’s community, its teachers, programs, students, and more. Whatever information you find will help you figure out if say, for example, the Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur is the right primary school for your kids or if you should go elsewhere.

Consider the Environment

Watch videos online. Research. Look into the school’s background. You get a feel for the kind of learning environment it provides through those pictures. If the students and faculty all seem too rigid and strict, and that’s not the kind of education you want to give your kids, move on to the next options on your list.

Read Up on the Teaching Style

Traditional teaching styles have the teacher lecturing in front while the rest of the class listens passively. But many international schools don’t have this setup. Instead of passive listening, they encourage hands-on and experiential learning for the kids. That makes a difference as it acknowledges the fact that there are many types of intelligence and learning. Some kids learn better through touch while others respond with greater engagement when there are visuals involved. Some kids absorb the lessons better when they listen, and some need a tactile learning experience. By using this method, the teachers are able to determine where the kids respond to the most and they resort to those styles when they reach out to each child.

Look at the Community

A reputable preschool has a well-established community of parents who support each other. If there’s a group like that in place, then you can join them for tips and advice. That tells you a lot about the school, too, and helps your family navigate through the challenges that come from transferring your kids to a school in the middle of an academic year. From questions on how the school handles transferees to its learning opportunities , programs, and more, that community is a good place to get a sense of what your kids and you will be in for if you pick that school.

Go Over the Curriculum

Is the curriculum heavily skewed towards science and math? What about the extracurricular programs that the school offers? Do they provide a good balance to the core subjects? You want a school that not only focuses on developing your children’s academic strength but also their social competence and emotional intelligence.

Go Over the Staff

What kind of experience does the teaching staff have? Are they qualified? Are they experts in their field? Are they wonderful role models for the kids? Best of all, are they passionate about the work they do? Do they care about the kids in their classes? Do they invest time and energy in helping the kids succeed at their goals? Look for dedicated and compassionate teachers. You can be sure that your kids are in the right school if that’s the kind of faculty it has.

Even when conducting your research, ask around. Reach out to other parents in your circle. Their suggestions could warn you of bad choices, so you won’t have to waste time looking at the wrong places. Their pointers as well as the ones mentioned above could also pay off and steer you in the right direction.


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