3 Questions You May Have About Surrogacy Parenting Services


As you ready yourself to begin your surrogacy journey, you need to locate surrogacy parenting services that you’re comfortable with. This is instrumental in meeting your surrogacy goals and having a positive experience. Keep in mind, you’ll be working very closely with this particular agency for some time, so research is vital.

As you’ll quickly discover, there are many surrogacy service providers. To help find one that suits your preferences, discover answers to the following questions:

#1 What services does this agency provide?

Surrogate parenting services offer help to intended parents in many different ways. What are these services? One of the most important things they do is manage the entire surrogacy case. This means coordinating various services provided by professionals such as IVF clinics, surrogacy attorneys, conversations, and meetings between intended parents and the surrogate mother. Surrogacy is a complex process, so having a team to support you through this journey is vital.

Although the services provided by a particular surrogacy agency may vary, they generally include the following:

  • Matching services to locate a suitable surrogate or intended parents
  • Medical screening services to determine each party is mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared  to commence the surrogacy process
  • Coordination of services and information between surrogacy attorneys and clinics
  • Counselling services for both parties involved

When finalizing your decision about which surrogacy agency to choose, it’s necessary to discuss all the services they provide. Also, most agencies support gestational surrogacy and not traditional surrogacy due to legal and emotional complications in the latter form. Ensure you have decided which type of surrogacy to pursue so that you may follow the appropriate agency. 

#2 Why should I deal with a Surrogacy Agency?

Surrogacy is an intensely complex process with many medical, emotional, and legal aspects. Surrogate mothers and intended parents who choose surrogacy without working with an agency are left to handle all the communication and information aspects. This process may seem simple for someone who has been through it before, but this is an overwhelming venture in a majority of cases. 

Surrogacy agencies exist for this very purpose: to handle all the work on your behalf. Instead of getting you to focus on the legal, medical, and administrative aspects, the surrogacy team does the legwork. Surrogates and intended parents can focus on completing their journey and building a pleasant relationship with one another. 

A surrogacy agency offers professional services that will help you complete your surrogacy journey. They can provide you with the details of the process and your responsibilities that you’ll be expected to handle. 

#3 How do agencies get licensed?

An organization licenses Family-building services such as adoption professionals. Currently, there are no licensing entities with surrogacy services. This is mainly because assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy are both new services. The laws covering both are always changing, making it hard to establish specific standards. However, there are certain standards you can expect from every surrogacy service provider. 

For instance, assisted reproductive technology professionals must always comply with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine standards. Psychologists must be certified and licensed by their respective state licensing boards. 

To determine whether a particular agency is professional and trustworthy, ask them how many surrogacies have they completed thus far and how long they have been around. 

Keep in mind that since there is currently no way of licensing surrogacy agencies, many surrogacy professionals who fulfill similar roles may call themselves surrogacy service providers, surrogacy companies, or surrogacy centers. As long as they’re providing necessary services and successfully fulfilling their roles, you can be sure they’re a reputable agency. 

If you’re about to begin your surrogacy journey, it is highly recommended you seek support from surrogacy parenting services. Contact Rite Options today.


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