Wish you a happy ‘budget travelling’!

Wish you a happy

Is money a barrier to fulfilling your travel dreams? Do you want to travel without monetary restrictions? Dreaming of travelling around the world, but exceeding the budget? 

You can use the following hacks to go for budget travelling!

Save money on flying

  1. “Off” season travelling

If you wish for a budget travelling, it is advisable to travel off-season to your favourite destinations. Almost all tourist destinations have off-seasons, where tourism is less due to weather conditions. 

If you are travelling for vacation, you want everything to be perfect, including the weather, crowd etc. So these offseasons are declared due to no so perfect weather conditions. 

To save money you have to choose, not travelling during the best time to travel to a particular destination. If you go off-season, you will get everything cheaper than what it is during the travel season. 

Everything can be bargained during the off-season from accommodation to food to local transportation. Along with this, plane tickets are also available at a lower price than usual.

  1. Flight flexibility

Many of the airlines offer cheaper tickets during the off-season and on certain days of the month. There is another option of “Low fare calendar” while searching for a flight. 

This option tells you about the cheapest flight available for your bookings. If you are not adamant on flying on specific days, you can let the airfare determine to choose your travelling dates. 

Specific airlines like NorwegianAir offer excellent discounts on particular days. During these days, you can get roundtrip journeys at lowest prices making your trip a successful one. 

3. Fly strategically

Usually, the flights offering lower airfare come with layovers. Many people do not wish to take these flights as they may take more than 15 hours to reach the destinations. 

Also, changing your air-planes multiple times or sitting at the airport for long hours waiting for your next flight can be is not enjoyable and is tiring instead. 

But if you want to save money, you can convert this into an opportunity for your next travel.  If you choose one of these flights with layovers giving you 6+ hours, you can explore a new destination within the same budget. 

At times, choosing these layover flights are a profitable option as the airfare gets cheaper and you can add the different destination to your itinerary. 

One tip to remember while booking these layovers flights is to be careful of the layover time that you have. 

You should have a decent time in between your flights striking off the option of the first flight being delayed or cancelled. 

4. Skip the extra fees!

To save a high chunk of money, be comfortable with the seat assigned to you and do not pay more to have a seat of your choice. Also, avoid paying extra for the on-board paid meal being provided. It is always an excellent option to get your own water and food for your journey if you wish to save a few pennies. You can also buy something from the airport before boarding the flight to avoid the meal. 

Sleep for cheap

  1. Find dormitories

Many tourist destinations offer dormitories for people wanting a nominal trip. These dormitories do not provide the whole room but have rooms with multiple beds. 

Opting for these hostels can immensely cut down your trip expenses and save a lot of money. 

Another benefit of these hostels is that you meet new people during your journey who may have the similar thought process as yours. 

Many websites these days provide affordable accommodation options with genuine feedbacks and reviews of other travellers’ helping you to make an informed decision. 

  1. Accommodation websites

These days, many websites are available at your dispersal, offering a plethora of accommodation options. They act as a wallet saver. 

Many people now days rent out a part of their house or even full house to travellers gaining mutual benefit out of it. 

The travellers get a local experience of that particular place while the owners get a good income in return. 

To save money, you can opt for these option as they are low on cost, user friendly, authentic and have genuine ratings too. 

Save money on food

  1. Cook it up 

Like mentioned in the previous point, you can opt for a hostel or dormitories. These types of accommodation provide you with the cooking facility as well. 

You can go to the market and get raw materials to cook food of your own choice. This will help you save money on expensive meals as well as make you eat the food of your own choice.

2. Eat local foods

Along with the option of self-cooking mentioned in the previous point, you can eat local food from the local shops there. Eating local cuisines can give you the authentic experience of that place. 

Also, it will save your money from not eating out at expensive food joints. 

Travel to make memories

Travelling is a divine experience that everyone should have. Many of us want to travel to exotic destinations and have the best experiences of life, but money acts as a barrier. 

Due to insufficiency of funds, many people end up taking travel loans to fulfil their dreams. 

Nowadays, borrowing loans has become an easy process. People having a history of adverse credit, the very bad credit loans are available for them too, with very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker are available for them too 

But, it is always best to not rely on external borrowing for your travel plans. These tips can help you save money and make you explore more destinations in the same limited budget. 

You just need to plan carefully to have the best travel experience.


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