The 5 Google Chrome Extensions Every Digital PR Pro Needs in Their Toolkit


    In a world of extreme competition where the race for advanced technology, information, and consumption is on high, Digital PR is a profession that holds great significance in the market. Digital PR or Digital Public Relations is an online marketing tactic that a majority of business organizations and companies use in order to market themselves effectively and make their presence known on the internet. Through the course of time, Digital PR has expanded to a great extent and various tools have been introduced to make the job a bit easier. Here are some of the best Google Chrome extensions that could be useful for a digital PR specialist and could possibly make the job a lot easier.

    1. Keywords Everywhere

    Keywords Everywhere is a tool that provides you analytical data on the search volume, keyword difficulty, and average CPC (cost per click) and other valuable metrics based according to the data of around 16 websites, completely free of cost! Keywords Everywhere is a remarkable tool and comes in very handy when doing easy keyword research and helps improve your content.

    2. MozBar

    Being one of the most trusted and proficient SEO brands in the market, MozBar is yet another incredible extension that lets you examine SEO metrics for any website. Its features include showing a webpage’s Domain Authority, Page Authority, Backlinks, Linking Domains, Keyword Highlights, and whatnot all for free. MozBar is a great tool to have an idea of your competitor websites, how they function, and how well they are optimized in terms of SEO.

    3. Hunter

    It gets seriously frustrating when you’re trying to approach an influencer or a news media website and can’t seem to find the appropriate contact information, now doesn’t it? Hunter is a unique extension that makes it a lot easier in locating all sorts of contact information and emails for any specific website you need to reach out to. This extension is one of the most using software among the professionals like custom essay writing service. Although the extension is premium, the free version of the extension offers up to 50 searches per month, which isn’t that bad of a deal!

    4. Zest

    Zest is another unique and fun extension that offers insightful and expertly written content according to the marketing topics of your choice by the marketing experts you follow. Zest delivers fresh new content every time you open a new tab on your browser and lets you delve deep into the world of digital marketing.

    5. Boomerang for Gmail

    Now that you have found the perfect web platform to get your link from, and have gathered all the useful contact information, it’s safe to say that now’s the time to start sending some emails. Boomerang is a fun little extension for Gmail that lets you keep track of your sent emails by showing read receipts, how many times your email is clicked, and keeps you updated on the next move. The use of this tool can give you a brief insight into whether or not your pitch is captivating, how many recipients are interested, and keeps you one step ahead in building strategies and tactics.


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