Everyone would love to have a bite of a deliciously baked pizza

baked pizza

Nowadays everyone is quite busy in their work routine and no one has got enough time to work in the kitchen and cook for themselves. This is one of the reasons fast food items are getting quite popular. They are quick to make and you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. We simply get frozen food items from the store and whenever we feel hungry, we simply defrost them in the oven and food is ready. Everyone has their own food preferences and choices but there is one food item that almost no one can say no to and that food item is pizza. Yes, everyone says that fast food is not good for health and it affects our health in a quite adverse way. But if you eat in a proper manner and take care of your food intake then even pizza can cause any harm to your health. 

History of Pizza

The pizza was first introduced in the late 18th century or early 19th century from Naples, Italy. The story we know about the invention of pizza is that when King Umberto I and Queen Margherita were in Naples, they got tired of heating French haute cuisine and asked for something new and delicious then they were served with the assortment of pizzas from Pizzeria Brandi. This city is the successor to Da Pietro pizzeria was founded in 1760. Before this pizza was quite famous in the streets of Naples but it was like flatbreads with different toppings. But in actuality, it became famous after the visit of King and Queen.  

Types of pizza you can have nowadays

With the passage of time, a lot has changed on the pizza menu. It is not like the one that was introduced in the first place. Now you can find pizza in different flavors and even every country has introduced their own pizza flavors and we must say they are quite exotic. So, here is a list of famous pizza flavors that you must try once:

1.       Margherita pizza- Italy

So, the first pizza we have on the list is Margherita or people call it Neapolitan pizza as well. A totally organic pizza with so much fewer calories. It gets ready in the wooden oven for about 90 seconds. The topping of this pizza is San Marzano tomatoes sauce, chunks of buffalo mozzarella cheese, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and basil. The origin of this pizza flavor is Naples, Italy. 

2.       Sfincione Pizza-Italy

You can find this pizza in Sicily Italy. it is a blend of spongy crust, heavenly soft that gets topped with bread crumbs, caciocavallo, and onions. It doesn’t contain any meat element so if you are on a diet or not a meat lover but loves to have pizza then this is the pizza flavor you can have whenever you visit Sicily. 

3.       Plain Slice-New York

There is nothing plain about this pizza. One of the famous pizza flavors in New York City. A thin crispy crust in a triangular shape. Most of the topping of this slice is mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce. But you can have other toppings, like onions, pepperonis, and meat chunks. Every American loves this pizza and even New York is like the pizza capital of the United States. 

4.       Deep-Dish Pizza- Chicago

One slice of this heavenly loaded pizza will be enough unless you are famished. This pizza is made up of high sides and stuffed with cheese, other ingredients you would like to have, and then a layer of tomato sauce on the top. It gets ready in a deep pan and looks different than other pizzas because of its thickness.

5.       Pizza Bianca-Italy

Italy is like the hub of pizza and you will find many flavors of pizza. About this pizza Bianca, it is also known as white pizza in America but it is different in Rome. This is quite a famous street food in Rome and it doesn’t contain any filling or toppings. Just plain pizza dough with sea salt sprinkles. Sometimes you get other seasonings on it if you would like to.

6.       Coca, Spain

Do you like your pizza with a lot of savory and sweet flavors? Well, this Spain Coca pizza is all about spinach, anchovies, olives, nuts, pines, citrus rind, and mushrooms. You will enjoy a ride of different ingredients on a thin crust dough. It is totally healthy and worth trying for once in your life. 

7.       Bulgogi Pizza- Korea

 The secret ingredient of this pizza that has gained fame in South Korea is their Bulgogi sauce that is made up of oyster sauce, white wine, sugar, and sesame oil. They don’t use ordinary sauces like marinara or western barbeque and this is the reason for this pizza being different than others. The ingredients of this pizza are bulgogi (special Korean marinated barbeque beef), few vegetables like peppers, corn and the bulgogi sauce we mentioned above. 

8.       Flammkuchen- Germany

This pizza type only consists of three ingredients crème Fraiche, caramelized onions, and bacon. It consists of a really thin crust and it is literally called flame cake because of its thinness. You can also call this one German pizza. 

9.       Manakish, Lebanon 

What if you get a pizza in the morning as your breakfast? Well, in Lebanon you will be served pizza made up of pizza dough, with seasoning, with cheese and meat in the morning as breakfast. 

Before you introduce your pizza brand

If you think that you are ready to introduce your pizza flavor but you are a bit confused that how you can make a mark in the food industry because you know your pizza is going to be better than others, then you’ll have to work on the marketing strategies of your pizza brand. There is a simple way through which you can do the marketing without spending much money and that is custom pizza boxes. Just put your logo and a line that express the deliciousness of your pizza and draws the customer’s attention. 


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