Five Not to Miss Activities on Paxos Island

Five Not to Miss Activities on Paxos Island

Introduction of Paxos 

For those who prefer to spend time in a peaceful environment or close to nature, Paxos Island, in the Ionian Sea, Greece is not less than a heaven. The island is not only small in size but surrounded by the olive groves and lots of various small islands to visit. Going through this reason, it is almost visited by the different regions of European and other continents of the world throughout the year, especially by the people looking for some tranquil destination to enjoy their holidays.

This has developed a myth among lots of people that there is nothing to do on Paxos Island, and therefore lots of people do not consider the island to visit during their holidays. If you also think so, then you are making a big mistake, because despite being smaller in size there are lots of activities for you to do on the Paxos Island, without which your journey to this smallest island is incomplete.

Five Not to Miss Activities on Paxos Island

Top sights in Paxos, Greece

Some of the notable activities which you should not miss on Paxos Island are mentioned below:

  1. The Tripitos Arch: Located at the distance of almost three kilometres in the south of Gaios, the Tripitoas Arch is not less than a god-gift for the nature lovers because of its structure. The arch is the remaining of a sea cave that collapsed years ago. The top point of the arch is about 20 meters above the seawater. To reach the arch you have to move across an unpaved way across the olive groves. The Tripitos Arch can also be seen in the water from the blue caves.
  2. The Vrika Beach, Antipaxos:  To reach the Virka Beach you only ten minutes to drive by boat from Gaios. The major attraction of this beach is the white sandy beach developed in Caribbean style. The beauty of this beach can be witnessed from the fact that after capturing and sharing its photos with your friends, they will not trust you and blame for using Photoshop to explore its beauty. You will also find two tavernas where you can enjoy the taste of beautiful Greek food.
  1. The Blue Caves: The huge part of the western coast in Paxos has an abundance of limestone cliffs which has been hollowed by the sea from various points. To visit these caves you need to hire a boat. During your visit to these caves, you will be privileged to dive in the transparent water, swim to reach the caves and even climb on their top. To travel in a boat you can either hire a personal boat for you or can travel in a common boat with other visitors.
  2. The Paxos Museum: The Paxos museum is developed in an old school building that dates back to 1906. Inside the museum, you will have an opportunity of understanding the developed of human civilization on Paxos Island. In the first room o the museum you will find tools of the Palaeolithic age, conventional pottery, guns, and the vessels used in day to day life activities. Inside the kitchen of the museum you will find traditional ceramics, old utensils used for cooking and serving food, there is also a big bed from the 17th century placed in the largest room of the museum, different types of beauty products, clothing, and accessories. On the exterior portion, you will find the grindstones to extract the olive oil and vessels used for measuring the oil.
  3. The Mongonissi Beach: Located between Paxos Island and Mongonissi Island, the Mongonissi beach is the only beach on Paxos Island which has sand. The sands may not be original but sound good to walk on the soft land after getting used of walking on the pebbled beaches.  The water on the beach is transparent and clean. Due to the huge arrival of the tourists, there is regular transportation of boats and yachts. The Mongonissi Beach Taverna will offer you the facility of using sun loungers free of cost on dining.

Besides, these things there are lots of activities you can enjoy during your stay on Paxos Island. If you are concerned about your accommodation, then you will find affordable villas for accommodation on the Paxos island. These villas are well-constructed, well-maintained, and elegantly furnished.


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