Make Your Muscat Trip Even More Joyful with Easy Kuwait Airways Booking


I am a working professional in a public bank. So, I get one family trip every year. I have visited so many places so far but last year I went to Muscat, Oman. Even though it is not counted among the most popular and top-rated tourist destinations, it is worth exploring. When we are planning for the trip, my bank booked our tickets on Kuwait Airlines but due to some health issues, we had to cancel our tickets within 24 hours of the purchase. Initially, I was worried that the airline will be levied a hefty penalty amount for the cancellation but I was wrong. We got a full refund within a week, isn’t it amazing! And it is because of the flexible and passenger-friendly Kuwait Airways cancellation policy. I was so impressed and delighted with the airline that we did Kuwait Airways booking again as per my new schedule.

Even when you check the Kuwait Airway reviews online, the chances are higher you will not get any negative comments about their policies, services, and facilities. Additionally, the bank used the Reservations Number platform to book our flight tickets with Kuwait Airways. And you know what – we got 30% off on every ticket. I mean the start of the trip planning was not that good but as we said – ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL. So, I was so happy that we were provided with so many perks. I would particularly like to mention the services provided throughout the journey. It was exceptional and the cabin crew members – they were all so good, polite, and well-mannered. So, whenever you plan to fly to Muscat or any other destination that is covered by the airline, you should call on the Kuwait Airways customer service number +1-844-915-2138 to book your flight tickets.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Muscat, Oman

With a historical background dating back to 1000BEC, this place is the most important and capital city of the Sultanate of Oman. This vibrant city features a colorful and multicultural society. Lodged wonderfully between the mountains and sea, this capital city is home to several old forts, museums, serene flower-filled gardens, and palaces. The name of the city translates to – SAFE ANCHORAGE, Muscat is a group of 3 small towns – Muscat, Ruwi, and Mutrah.

Even though the place has so many attractions, my top 5 are the ones that have been explained below:

1.       Mutrah Corniche

This is a promenade that is stretched for about 3 km along the waterfront. Mutrah Corniche is lined with markets, cafes, and restaurants. You can even see the beautiful views of the well-known Oman Port and the mesmerizing rock formations. Even though the main fort is not opened for visitors, you can explore other spots here.

2.       Grand Mosque Muscat

With the capacity of holding more than 20,000 worshippers at a time, the Sultan Qaboos Grand is the city’s biggest mosque. Generally, non-muslims are not allowed in mosques, but it is one of the places where you can easily enter even when you are from another community. This mosque showcases its architectural excellence as it is a fusion of Islamic, Omani, and Middle-Eastern styles.

3.       Wadi Bani Khalid

Being one of the most popular spots in Muscat, you can view spectacular emerald green water bodies surrounded by tall palm trees. Touted as the ‘Dessert Paradise’, it is just 2.5 km away from the main city. If you love hiking just like me, then you must visit this place.

4.       Yiti Beach

My wife and teenage daughter love beaches. So, it was a must-visit place for us. Even though it is one of the lesser-known and secluded beaches of this country, this beach offers clear water and soft sand along with swimming, fishing, and camping opportunities.

5.       Bait Al Zubair

It is a private museum that contains relics from the military, cultural, and social past of the city. Founded and funded by Zubair Family, their collection includes Omani artifacts like jewelry, costumes, household items, weapons, etc. Due to this, it is considered the best and finely managed private museum of Muscat.

Besides, these top 5 places, you can also go to Al Alam Palace, Al Mirani Fort, Bimmah Sinkhole, Al Jalali Fort, City Centre Muscat, Qurum Beach, Mutrah Souk, Muscat Grand Mall, Royal Opera House, etc. No matter which place you choose to start your exploration from, you will always have the opportunity in Muscat to gather beautiful memories. And to make your trip even better, choose to do Kuwait Airways booking through Reservations Number +1-844-915-2138.


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