How to Join an SEO Group Buy For the Best Time to Join


If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for information on how to join SEO groups, you’ve probably learned by now that it’s best to wait until the group is in operation. This is because when the members are still new, they will have a lot of questions and you’ll have to be there to answer them. Sooner or later, once the members have started building their business, they will be ready to start sharing their newfound SEO knowledge with others. By then, the SEO group you joined will be doing just fine.

So, what is the best time to join these groups? It’s really up to you. The time of year when most people would be more inclined to join is the summer. That’s the best time to be in a large group of people who all love SEO. But, how do you find out the time when everyone else is off enjoying their vacation?

One option is to check with your favorite search engine. There are usually listings for forums. Start looking for the ones with the biggest number of members. When you see one that looks interesting to you, join the discussions. You never know how interesting topics can be.

There are also several other websites:

There are also several other websites which allow you to do the same thing. Go to Yahoo or MSN and type “SEO” along with the city or town where you live. You will get a listing of the top 10 forums in your city. Try to find one in your own neighborhood and join up. If possible, try to find one in your own town.

Some SEO groups encourage their members to take turns being the “leader” of the group. For example, there might be someone who can do all the writing and then someone else who can do most of the posting. Be sure to find a schedule that suits you best. If you have enough spare time, you could even do this as a part-time job. Just make sure that you keep track of how many posts each person has made.

Don’t forget to let people know about your activities. Put up posters around town or on bulletin boards if possible. Offer to do some of the advertising. Make sure you are able to answer questions from your customers as well.

A lot of people worry about what other people:

A lot of people worry about what other people think of them. It is important to remember that you won’t be getting rich selling these products. However, it will help boost your reputation and you will begin to get more work. The more work you do, the more people will look at you. That is the goal.

You might find that you want to join several groups at the same time. That is perfectly acceptable as well. If you find that you can’t fit it into your schedule, don’t force yourself to do so. Enjoy your freedom and try different types of marketing.

When you join several groups, you should get to know some of the leaders in the various groups. See what they are doing and get a feel for the types of business they are in. It is possible that some of the leaders in your own niche could be part of several groups already. That gives you an excellent opportunity to network with others in your field who may be able to help you out.

Keep in mind that you aren’t always the only one interested:

Keep in mind that you aren’t always the only one interested in this type of thing. Chances are there will be others in your area who are also interested in joining a group. Join up with them! If you have some free time during the day, why not drive around and find some interested parties? Most groups will have some sort of website already. Take advantage of that.

When you meet people, introduce yourself. Ask them how they are doing. Don’t jump in with your sales pitch right away. Be as casual as possible. It is a great idea to have a notebook handy so you can jot down some questions that you think of when you meet someone new.

So, you can see how much easier it can be to join an SEO group buy if you don’t have a lot of time to market. You won’t have to waste your time finding people. Plus, you won’t have to deal with competing offers. Just take your time and get things organized. Soon you will have more buyers than you can handle!

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