How to shave your pubic hair smoothly


The most common method of removing pubic hair is by shaving. Whether you are female or male, get a good quality razor and follow these steps to avoid infections and ingrown hair that cause painful bumps and itchiness. By following these steps you can have wonderful and smooth skin especially if you are going to shave first time.

Take a Warm Bath First

Take a long hot bath before shaving. This makes coarse pubic hair soft and makes it easier to shave.

Start by Trimming

Sit in a chair in a comfortable position. To facilitate this process, before applying razor, trim hair from the genital area. Electric razors, hair clippers, or scissors work well. To have a closer cut and avoid unwanted nicks, before trimming hair, pull them up.

Use Gel or Shaving Cream

Apply gel or shaving cream to soften the pubic area. A thin layer of petroleum jelly will help you get a close shave. Soap is not the best lather for a pubic shave. Be aware that some people may be allergic to certain shaving gels or creams.

Shave Carefully

There are many ways to style your pubic hair. Think about it before you start and be as creative as you want. It is recommended that you shave the same way your hair grows. Avoid stroking the same area all the time while shaving like this can irritate the skin. Like two to three short strokes are enough. Stretch the skin to reach the difficult hairy areas.

If you are a first-timer, then have in mind. The pubic area is tender, and it may take some time to get used to the razor. Shaving once a week is enough for your first month. If shaving irritates your skin, spa based Brazilian wax may be a suitable option for you. An online search of Brazilian wax near me can help you find your nearest service provider. 

Remove Dead Skin Cells

It is vital to cleanse the skin after shaving. The best way is to use a sponge and your regular body soap. Due to the sensitivity of this area, lightly rub with the sponge to avoid skin irritation. This will help remove anything that might be blocking your pores.

Apply Moisturizer

Rinse, dry, and moisten the freshly shaved pubic area. Aloe Vera or baby oil work well. It is best to avoid moisturizers that contain scents and colors, as this can irritate. You can also use baby powder for added comfort.

Hygienic Routine

Wash your shaved area daily. This will help remove unwanted oils and sweat. Moisturize and powder the area daily to avoid irritation. Keeping the hair short will prevent stubble, which can be itchy. Try to wear cotton underwear and avoid tight-fitting fabric pants. Lack of air circulation and rubbing of harsh towels can lead to ingrown hairs.

Possible Side effects of Shaving

  • Some women have experienced sensitivity during menstruation after shaving pubic hair. If women find it uncomfortable to shave during their period, they should plan for pubic shaving during their menstrual cycle.
  • People who are allergic to certain shaving creams. This area appears to have increased sensitivity. If it reacts, your natural sweat and the natural abrasion that area receives will likely make your life miserable. Use hypoallergenic gel or shaving creams or avoid shaving entirely and go for Brazilian wax as discussed earlier.
  • For some people, pubic hair is still comfortable and fun. For many other people, however, this is a problem. When genital hair grows back, itching is common. Red bumps and ingrown hairs may appear. You can apply a cortisone cream to soothe the irritation. If these symptoms cause stress or do not go away, see a skin specialist.


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