Bridal nose ring styles: Which one is best for you?

Niose ring

Nose rings have been an inseparable part of traditional bridal jewelry in India. It adds a touch of tradition while setting you apart. Decadent and exquisite, nose rings are a gorgeous accessory that adds a dreamy fairytale element to your look. We believe that a bride looks incomplete without a beautiful nose ring adorning. her face.

Over the years, the traditional nose rings have evolved a lot with stunning styles and designs. There are numerous nose ring designs available out there to match every kind of style. Here is a guide to the different bridal nose ring styles that you could go for.

  1. Graceful and minimal hoops: If you’re looking for simplicity and elegance, a classic minimal hoop is the way to go. They add just the right amount of charm without getting overboard. They pair beautifully with heavy necklaces and jhumkas. It is usually very hard to go wrong with a minimal hoop nose ring. Additionally, they are super lightweight and super comfortable to wear.
  1. Double hoops: To add a dash of drama, go for double hoops. Double hoops are currently a huge trend and add just the right amount of glamour to your look. When going for double hoops, look for quirky pieces in interest motifs for the inner hoop and go light on the outer hoop. Refrain from heavily adorned double hooped nose ring pieces as it can easily overpower the look or make you look too done up. 
  1. Oversized hoops with single-chain: Wearing a quirky oversized hoop nose ring with a single chain is a great way to have fun with traditional jewelry. The key is to go for an oversized hoop and go minimal on the chain. You can also go for a double hooped nose ring. However, make sure that the design elements in both the hoops are balanced.
  1. Kundan nose ring: Nothing resonates with bridal look like intricate Kundan work does. Kundan work is versatile and one of a kind. When going for a Kundan nose ring, it is a good idea to look for a piece that can be looped in for not just your wedding but other functions later on as well. You can go for an elaborate piece to add that traditional vibe. If you want to add a hint of modernity, go for a minimal Kundan Nath. Ditch the chain and rock the look like a stunner.
  1. Traditional motifs: Traditional motifs add the much-needed traditional charm to your bridal look. South Indian temple jewelry naths are a great option if you want to add an imperial touch to your bridal look. Motifs like temples, fish, and fruits are great options you can opt for.
  1. Pearl drop nose ring: Pearl drop nose rings are another piece that can transform you into a goddess in a matter of seconds. They are ethnic and gorgeous at the same time. The intricate and elaborate designs can pick up the entire look. Pair it with a minimal chain and you’ll shine like a million dollars.
  1. Small nose ring with pearl chain: If you do not want to go for a big look when it comes to a nose ring, instead of leaving it empty go for a smaller nose ring. A small nose ring when worn with a pearl-encrusted chain will add the perfect balance of elements to your look.

The above-mentioned shortlist can help you pick the best nose ring style according to your face and your entire bridal look. Make sure you try a few different styles and designs of fashion rings before making the final choice.  


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