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Trending Bracelet Varieties


Toasting Jewellery enthusiasts dreamy vision of fun, fashion, and fabulous adornments, some Jewellery pieces deny going off the shelves. One such evergreen item is the bracelet. They for long have been an ode to beauty just like their cousins- the bangles. Several bracelet designs have lured women off their feet for centuries. Many designs came and went by, but few remain rock solid like that of the bracelets. They are popularly used among kids, teenagers and women under 30. However, Jewellers have bought out umpteen styles that are not any longer age specific.

Here are a few bracelets designs that will truly awe you by their ease of wearing, style and the base of their design:

Black bead bracelet

The latest addition to this list and the top pick in bracelets are the black bead bracelets. They are quirky, offbeat, and lavish in style, giving everyone a bold statement about the adorner yet staying rooted to traditions. These gold Jewellery designs with price and weight can be browsed online. They come in lower weight ranges, form a perfect gift for anniversaries, marriages, and those special days of bonding. 

Bangle style bracelet

The bangles style bracelet is a fusion of a bracelet and bangle design, they look strong, beautiful, and come in weight ranges of above 8gms. They are apt for daily use, durable, come in varying price ranges, variations, purities, and gold tones too. For example, a white gold bracelet goes great on formals while a shiny yellow gold with gemstone studded in it would jazz up along with your festive attires. An undertoned rose gold bracelet on the other hand would lend that much-needed elegance and grace on a date night or an evening cocktail party. So, the bangle style bracelet with a variety of adornment ways tops the list of bracelets.

Bracelet with charms

When you have to speak your heart out, flaunt your style to the world or be that silent killer who says it all without a word then the bracelet with charms should be on your list. Charms are an outright way to self-expression, when words fail Jewellery speaks out and what better way than adorable charms. To name a few you could try your hands on butterfly charms, an angel with a magic wand, cute cartoon characters for keeping live the child in you and many more creative ones that you can explore online and get a custom order done.

Chain type bracelet

These are the traditional models that have for long been a favourite amongst teenagers and women equally. They are different types of chains that can be easily converted to a bracelet- the options are practically unlimited. Chain type bracelets can be added along daily wear bangles. Their fluidity is something that makes them graceful and effortless to wear. They are adjustable, size-independent, and age-neutral too.

With so many variations available in bracelets, it is definitely worth bringing one to your treasure chest. If you are already having one, give a thought to investing in a second one. You can also transform your old gold chains into beautiful bracelets, all you need is to select a design and ask your Jewellers to recreate one for you.


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Trending Bracelet Varieties

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