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We often hear that tiny houses are an alternative to air conditioned homes. Some of the reasons for this are the small size of the house and the fact that the environment will be a little more controlled for indoor living. The truth is that it simply costs less, and it just does not have the same impact on our personal carbon footprint (not to mention the air quality benefit from reduced vehicle emissions).

What about the impact on air quality? One study found that the average air quality in a tiny house is lower than that of a typical family home. Another study found that there are no real health benefits to the tiny house environment. All of this comes with the caveat that people have a tendency to be a bit paranoid about the environment, and so when they’re looking at tiny houses they are looking for a good reason to leave their house.

The main reason the tiny house study found no health benefits to small houses is because the tiny house population is small. There are a few small houses, and they tend to be a bit more resilient than the average house. Because they are a bit less resilient than the average house, they tend to have a lower risk of pollution. The study found that the average air quality in a tiny home is lower than the average air quality in a typical family home.

The tiny house is a really cool design. It has space for the tiny occupants to live, cook, entertain, and generally just be. It’s like the micro-apartment to the grandiose house.

The tiny house is a great way to escape the city, but it is really only as good as the space it provides. The space is not as good as the space, but it is a lot better than the space that is the average house.

Another cool thing about this tiny house is you can add a little extra character to it. The space can be used by the tiny occupant. If its not used, it will be.

It’s not just about making space. Its about building a community. The Tiny House Network (www.tinyhousenetwork.com) is a community of tiny houses. Each house, when completed, is a mini-community with its own community rules, amenities, and even a police force. A community is the place where neighbors are connected to each other, to a common cause, and to their own lives. A community is a place where people come together to share their lives.

In a tiny house communities, you can organize the people into different groups (families, youth, etc.), and you can make these groups more or less “elite”. You can also make the community more or less “exclusive” depending on how many people are in it.

In the summer months, we’re all going to the beach in our little homes – and you are going to have to help us pack them before we leave. The idea is that you’re just one person, just one family, just one person we’re going to need to take care of the tiny house. But, like in so many things, you have to figure out what’s the most important thing to pack, so we don’t go to the beach to pack clothes and stuff.

I think the biggest difference between a tiny house and a condo is the lack of an air-tight seal between your home and the outdoors. Which is why you need to take care in planning your trips. It’s not just about keeping the windows and doors shut. The air in your tiny house needs to be ventilated, as well. A lot of people forget that when they’re running around, and that sometimes it’s not just a matter of keeping your air-tight.


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