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A sausage is a type of meat prepared from pork or beef. Various ingredients like salt, spices, and different flavorings are used to make it delicious. It is a staple in countries all around the world. It is loose meat that can be made into patties or packed into the skin. Typically, a sausage prepares in a casing obtained from the intestine. Ingredients like grains or breadcrumbs also include as fillers or extenders. The good thing about these meats is that we can store them without refrigerators for a long time. Sausages preserve by the processes like curing, drying, smoking, or freezing. Due to the preservation, it is safe to eat and stops dangerous organisms from growing in it. It contains good fats and vitamins as well. Sausages also have many national and regional varieties, which vary by the kinds of meats used, the flavoring elements, and the way of preparation. 

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One of the most popular varieties of sausage is Longaniza. It is a famous sausage that people use in many dishes. People are consuming this meat for a long time. So in this article, we will tell you about this sausage in detail. It has multiple benefits and very tasty to eat. We have also come up with a recipe that you can make with Longaniza. So if you love sausages, this article is perfect for you. You will get valuable information here about it. So keep reading to know all the things regarding this Longaniza sausage:


Longaniza is a large and thin spiced pork sausage famous in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. It is like a second cousin of Chorizo. It is unique from the traditional one and gives people a whole new collection of flavors and textures. Also, pork Longaniza differs from region to region. You can find this sausage in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, and Chile. Lean pork fat and meat makes Longaniza sausage. It also uses different types of spices and casings. These ingredients are necessary to make this sausage: garlic, salt, black pepper, anise, paprika, etc. Talking about its taste, so pork Longaniza is spicy, garlicky, sweet, and citrusy. This sausage is also smoked and cured to store for a long time. You can buy frozen, pre-made, or uncooked Longaniza from stores or online sites.

There are plenty of variants available for Longaniza sausage in the market. You can also make your Longaniza at your home. It is one of the best sausages that taste best and very healthy. It is also better than other kinds of sausages. It has vitamins and an origin of good fats. Many people use Longaniza sausage in their sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. So you can add this sausage to your diet without any concern due to its great benefits.

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Longaniza Vs. Chorizo

Both Longaniza and Chorizo look similar and sometimes taste the same but, they have differences as well. There are no complex differences, and you can use them interchangeably but, there are still distinct differences which you should know. So we will tell you about Longaniza Vs. Chorizo. So there are differences in terms of length, thickness, meat, and spices. For making Longaniza, we can use different types of meat but, for Chorizo, we can only use pork. In Longaniza, people use ingredients like meat, salt, and garlic to give it good flavors but, for Chorizo, mainly paprika and chili powder are used for flavors. Chorizo is thicker than Longaniza and is more popular. But Longaniza is more spicier than Chorizo. So these are the main differences between Longaniza and Chorizo.

 There are also similarities between them; you can use both in the same meals and foods. They both look like dark red meat, so you can also feel confused sometimes. Both are indeed delicious and safe to eat. People use both sausages as per their requirements. But most people prefer Longaniza over Chorizo at multiple places due to its great taste. 

Arroz Con Longaniza Recipe

So we have come up with a recipe made with the help of Longaniza sausage. The name of the dish is Arroz Con Longaniza which means rice with pork sausage. It is one of the popular dishes. You can make this dish in your home, and you need some ingredients. Longaniza sausage makes this dish tastier. If you follow our recipe, then you will make a great dish. Arroz Con Longaniza is a good mix of rice, spices, and sausage. This dish is even a staple in the Dominican Republic and perfect for a weeknight dinner. 

You can enjoy this tasty dish with your family and friends. If you don’t know how to make this properly, you can easily find the recipe here for the meal. So, below we have told about the required ingredients and also steps for making Arroz Con Longaniza, so keep reading and don’t miss anything:

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Ingredients For Arroz Con Longaniza

These are the ingredients that you will need to prepare Arroz Con Longaniza; you cannot make it without them. So have a look at all the elements of this sausage below:

  • 1 Lb Longaniza sausage (pork sausage) diced
  • Two packets of chicken bouillon
  • One tablespoon sofrito 
  • One medium onion diced
  • Three cups rice washed and drained
  • Two tablespoons Spanish olives 
  • Four cups water
  • One tablespoon tomato paste

Steps For Making Arroz Con Longaniza

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After understanding all the ingredients, now have a look at the steps for making the Arroz Con Longaniza; keep reading:

  1. Take a big rice pot, and fry the Longaniza. After the sausage gets the brown color, you have to remove it from the pot and shift it to a plate.
  1. Now add the diced onion, sofrito, chicken bouillon, and tomato paste together in the pot and mix well. 
  1. It’s time to mix the rice with the mixture. Now pour the water into the rice, and mix again. After the evaporation of the water, cover with an airtight lid. Allow the rice to simmer for around 12 to 15 minutes.
  1. After that, add Longaniza and olives in the rice, and cover again for 5 minutes.
  1. Now the delicious Arroz Con Longaniza is ready to eat. You can serve it with stewed beans and salad.


So, Longaniza is a delicious sausage that you can utilize to make many things. Pork is used to make this meat and other spices as well. It has a spicy and juicy taste. You can use this sausage in your sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. It is healthy as it gives you vitamins and good fats. There are multiple recipes in which you can use Longaniza. We have already mentioned a recipe above that you can easily make in your home. You can simply discover the ingredients used to make the recipe of Arroz Con Longaniza. 

Also, there are different variants of Longaniza sausage. You can find Longaniza that differs from country to country. It is also different from the Chorizo sausage. I hope you all understand their differences as they are not entirely similar. So Longaniza is a perfect item that you can add to your meal. You will receive a good taste. So this article will be helpful for the person who loves to eat this sausage. 


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