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Everyone loves the Harry Potter franchise very much. We have got its fantasy novels, live-action films, video games, and more things. The franchise was started with the novels penned by author J. K. Rowling. There are a total of 7 fantasy novels of Harry Potter. The novels center on the plot of a young wizard named Harry Potter and his struggle against his biggest enemy Lord Voldemort. The books were adapted into an eight-part movie series by Warner Bros. Pictures. The Harry Potter film series is the third-highest-grossing film franchise of all time. After the success of the Harry Potter franchise, officials decided to expand it more. Next year, we will get the third part of the Harry Potter spinoff film titled Fantastic Beasts. Even a TV series of Harry Potter is also reportedly in the works at HBO Max. So that is the good news for the Potterheads.

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action films 1625225684

This media franchise also created a permanent imprint world over, on children and adults equally. In the market, there is plenty of Harry Potter merchandise available. You can purchase Harry Potter jewelry, monopoly, mugs, pillows, toys, calendars, and much more. Around the days of Christmas, people buy these items a lot. In this article, we will discuss Harry Potter Advent Calendar and its types in detail. Every Potterhead wants this calendar as it is very cool. So below are all the details that you should know about this advent calendar:

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Christmas is the most celebrated festival of the year. Many people use Advent calendars to count down the days until the arrival of Santa. Traditionally, Christians rejoice in the Advent season during the four weeks leading to Christmas. Now there are many types of Advent Calendars available in the market. Inside the calendars, you can find stuff like chocolates, toys, beauty products, and much more. The great thing is that now you can purchase Harry Potter Advent Calendar. There are plenty of varieties in the Advent Calendar of Harry Potter. You can discover many surprises inside it. Typically, there are replica wands and character figures in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar. You can use this calendar as a countdown to Christmas. You can gift this to your kids, and they will be going to like it. Children love these calendars very much.

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The surprises that are inside this advent calendar are attractive and portable. You can use them as displays at the house or put them on your bags as accessories. Everything is created with Harry Potter highlights that all Potterheads would like. You can reuse these advent calendars year after year and transfer them down from generation to generation. In 2021, you can also purchase the latest Harry Potter Advent Calendar. So, different brands released their Harry Potter Advent Calendar every year. You can buy advent calendars from the E-commerce sites like Amazon. So, below we have told about the different Harry Potter Advent Calendars, so keep reading and do not miss anything.

  1. Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar

This advent calendar creates by the toy production company named Lego. They release the Harry Potter Advent Calendar every year. Potterheads are already excited about the 2021 calendar. So, Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar has 24 doors used as a countdown to Christmas. Also, behind each of the 24 doors is a distinct toy to create, play with, and display. You can discover Minifigures of characters like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Padma Patil, and more. This advent calendar is a perfect gift for kids aged seven and above. 

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The children can recreate multiple Hogwarts holiday scenes like Yule Ball. The best thing about this advent calendar is that you can use the Harry Potter toys with all other LEGO sets and LEGO bricks for unlimited artistic building. The price of one advent calendar is $29.97. We hope that the Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar for 2021 will be marvelous as the previous year’s ones.

  1. Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar

The use of the Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar happens as a countdown to Christmas. It includes a range of pocket Funko Pops. This calendar has 24 doors, and you can open one each day to get a vinyl figure. These figures use for decorations, or you can add them to your other collectibles. This calendar highlights the beloved magicians, beasts, and witches of Wizarding World. Through this calendar, you will get the chance to get popular Harry Potter items from Funko. 

As it includes the small parts, so remember to keep it away from children under 3 yrs. So Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar is recommended for the kids of age six and up. The cost of this advent calendar is $39.96, and you can easily find it on Amazon.

  1. Harry Potter Premium Jewellery Advent Calendar

Harry Potter Premium Jewellery Advent Calendar is a much unique calendar. Like the above Advent calendars, it also involves 24 doors that include pieces of jewelry. It is like a magical collection of beads, charms, and earrings. In the calendar, you can find a classic charm bracelet and a variety of charms. It includes the jewelry that is already present in the movies. You can mix and match jewelry to get a unique look. 

You will sparkle in Harry Potter-style. In December, you can add magic to every day with a magical jewelry surprise. It is a good value for money calendar. The cost of the Harry Potter Premium Jewellery Advent Calendar is $67.99.

  1. Harry Potter 12-day Sock Advent Calendar

Harry Potter 12-day Sock Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for the Potterheads. This calendar includes six packs of crew socks, and six pairs of low-cut ankle socks. You can pair them with your clothes. On each pair of socks, you can find diverse Harry Potter designs. 

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The cost of this marvelous Advent Calendar is $54.99, and you can get it from Amazon. It comes in a Hogwarts-themed gift box and officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise.

  1. A Very Hogwarts Christmas Advent Calendar

A Very Hogwarts Christmas Advent Calendar is also a good choice for the Potterheads. It is also for 24 days, which means you can use it as a countdown for Christmas. So in this different Advent Calendar, you will get a part of Harry Potter memorabilia behind every door. The Harry Potter books and films lover will like this calendar very much. 

It will give the experience like you are present in the mysterious office of Albus Dumbledore. It is safe for kids above the age of 8. The cost of A Very Hogwarts Christmas Advent Calendar is $47.99.


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