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MapleStory is a well-known multiplayer online role-playing game produced by a South Korean organization named Wizet. This game is available on the platform like Microsoft Windows. This role-playing game was released back in 2003 and then earned big success in the gaming industry. Its sequel titled MapleStory 2 was released in July 2015 and highlighted 3D graphics and the same narrative. Some versions of this game are available for particular countries and, they are issued by companies including Nexon. Now the game has over 180 million enrolled users globally and earned over $3 billion in revenue. The fanbase of this multiplayer role-playing game is big. The game MapleStory has got so much love for its gameplay and the characters from everybody. In MapleStory, players have to go to Maple World, where they beat monsters, increase their characters’ skills and expertise. 

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You can communicate with other players through chatting and trading. You can kill monsters and distribute rewards by teaming up with other players. If you want to buy character appearances or other things, you have to visit the in-game Cash Shop. There are various types of monsters that players have to eliminate in the game. These monsters are a crucial part of this role-playing game and, players will meet them during their journey. Monsters drop valuable items upon elimination and, the players earn experience points (EXP) from them. Many hunts require players to kill monsters or collect items from them. So this article will talk about a famous monster of the MapleStory game, so keep reading to know everything about it:

Who Is Orange Mushroom? 

Orange Mushroom is a well-known mushroom monster in the MapleStory game that you can discover everywhere on Maple Island and Victoria Island. This bright orange mushroom monster is jumping and developed form of the Shroom. Orange Mushrooms looks much adorable and friendly but, make sure you don’t be fooled by their angelic looks. This mushroom monster loves to sneak out in peoples’ houses and eat the entire food, which helps them changing into strong Mushmoms. Orange Mushrooms are very quick, and they jump often. The low-level players having dull weapon attacks cannot find them easily. The high-level player will not face any problem in locating a bright orange mushroom. We will recommend that you should wait until at least level 7 before you train on this monster. 

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Being a simplistic monster in the game, Orange Mushroom is a well-known monster. They are even working as the game’s unofficial charm. So we cannot ignore these cute-looking monsters in the game. Every player wants to find Orange Mushroom in the game and, they are everybody’s favorite. There is also Orange Mushroom merchandise like T-Shirts, mugs, posters, stickers, home decor, and much more. You can find the stuff on different E-commerce sites like Amazon. Apart from Orange Mushroom MapleStory, there are also other mushroom monsters in this game. You can discover mushroom monsters such as Shroom, Green Mushroom, Horny Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, Zombie Mushroom, Renegade Spore, and Poison Mushroom. 

How To Hunt Orange Mushroom In MapleStory?

You very well know that it is essential to find or eliminate monsters in the MapleStory game. So many players also feel difficulty in finding the Orange Mushroom. It is crucial to finish them as they drop Mesos and other valuable items. You can also earn points by eliminating Orange Mushroom MapleStory. They chase the players to damage them using physical contact. You can get the stuff from this adorable-looking monster like Red Swimming Cap, Brown Hard Leather Boots, Red Ninja Sandals, Blue Cloth Pants (M), Arrow for Bow, Orange Potion, Orange Mushroom Card, Orange Mushroom Familiar, etc. So you have to find them in the role-playing game as you will get multiple benefits.

You can find these monsters around Victoria Island, especially in the maps adjacent to Six Path Crossway and Maple Island. The best place where you can hunt Orange Mushroom around a house at the backside of Amherst on Maple Island. There is a helpful trick through which you can easily beat them. You have to present on a platform that should be lower than the one the Mushrooms are on. Then you have to keep jump-hitting them with a melee weapon. Orange Mushrooms do not pass from one platform to another. This thing makes it easy to beat this monster easily.

Other Types Of Mushroom Monsters

Throughout your journey in the MapleStory game, you will also find the other mushroom monsters. They are unique from the Orange Mushroom MapleStory. So you should know everything about these mushroom monsters. If you also want to get more information about the other mushroom monsters, so keep reading this:  

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  1. Shroom

The Shroom is the tiniest mushroom monster in this game who lives in the grassy areas. They are perfect for the low-level players for the training. Henesys Hunting Ground I is the best place to discover them. They are different from the Orange Mushroom monsters as they have a much shorter frame. 

Also, Shrooms have mean-looking faces. By defeating them, you can get stuff like Blue Lolico Armor (M), Black Ghetto Beanie, Orange Lolica Armor (F), Mushroom Spore, Shroom Card, Red Potion, and much more. 

  1. Green Mushroom

Green Mushrooms are another type of mushroom monster in the MapleStory game. The low-level players can easily hunt them for getting their drops. Green Mushrooms are a modified version of the little poisonous mushroom. You can find them nearly construction sites or nearby dungeon entrances.

They drop items like Blue Potion, Green Mushroom Cap, Green Mushroom Card, Green Mushroom Familiar, and Red Potion. These are the pieces of equipment that you can get by eliminating Green Mushroom: Mace, Green Avelin (F), Mithril Titans, Ironside, and more. 

  1. Horny Mushroom

Horny Mushrooms are the type of monsters that have lots of horns on its head. They have less amount of poison in comparison to other mushroom monsters. This monster has spent a long time in the underground. They live in the darker areas, and you can find them mostly in underground dungeons, and the tree dungeons. 

When the Green Mushroom doesn’t get sufficient sunlight, it loses its poison and begins to grow horns on its head. These are the stuff that you can get by eliminating them in the game: Mithril Helmet, Beige Plain Robe (M), Beige Caribbean, Brown Doros Robe (M), Orange Potion, Horny Mushroom Familiar, and much more.

  1. Zombie Mushroom

Zombie Mushroom is the unique type of mushroom monster in this game. It is an undead mushroom as it is already killed by a traveler then later resurrected. Even though it is undead, its combination of attack, defense, and speed is quite compelling. This mushroom is weak in front of light/holy attacks. You can also hurt Zombie Mushroom with healing spells. 

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You can get stuff from the Zombie Mushroom like Red Hwarang Shirt (M), Brown Leather Armor Gloves, Golden Hook, White Piette (M), The Negotiator, Blue Chaos Robe (M), Orange Potion, Zombie Mushroom Card, and much more. 

  1. Renegade Spore 

Renegade Spore is a weak monster that looks like the Shroom monster and appears in the Mushroom Castle. You can locate Mushroom Castle in KMS, MapleSEA, EMS, and GMS. You can get these drops from Renegade Spore: Aluminium Baseball Bat, White Potion, Blue Potion, Renegade Spores Card, etc. 


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