naruto and shikamaru time travel fanfiction


A few months ago I was asked to write a Naruto and Shikamaru fanfiction and I couldn’t not write one. Unfortunately, Naruto came out first and Shikamaru was relegated to the very end of the story.

The problem is that the characters’ backgrounds are so convoluted and complicated they are completely impossible to read. However, to complete the story the characters have to change their minds and think about a lot of the world. The game’s first player is a kid who’s in a coma who is trying to figure out why he’s in that cave. It’s a really important, yet very short story.

This has really been a great story for the ages, but I’m having a bad feeling about it.

This is one of those stories that have always been a fanfiction, but never really had the chance to be published. Now the fans have a chance to own it! As we are not writing this fanfic, we can’t give it away. However, we do want to thank you for your wonderful work. Please take a moment to show your appreciation to the writer and the readers by sending them a review of our story.

We would like to point out that naruto and shikamaru are not our characters. Naruto is the hero of the story, and shikamaru is the villain. We simply write fanfics that we are enjoying. We dont own the characters. They simply come into our lives as we read, and have no special powers or abilities or past lives.

We get a lot of requests for fanfiction that has some sort of time travel element. After all, time travel is an awesome superpower.

We’re glad you guys can review our story, but naruto is not our main character. So we don’t want to know about his past life. We only want to know about your own life, and how you like it.

The time travel is pretty simple. You simply have to decide where you want to go in your own time, and then you can use that time to go back and change anything that you did in that time. Once you’ve set a course, you don’t even have to be in the same timezone as your destination, as long as the destination is in your timezone.

naruto loves shikamaru more than anyone else. And to be honest, shikamaru loves naruto more than anyone else. So when shikamaru finally gets his chance to talk shikamaru into taking a time travel vacation with him, naruto is all prepared. He has his entire life planned out, so shikamaru is just as surprised as he is.

The pair have a brief romantic fling on the trip, and it seems like naruto is the more serious of the two. It’s possible the two are soul mates (which are obviously unlikely), but for reasons I don’t know they’re still very much into each other. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two characters so devoted to each other, so I was really surprised to find they weren’t even in the same timezone.


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