Does Papa John’s Deliver World-Wide?


Papa John’s has been serving pizzas to customers in the U.S. since 1984. However, you may not realize that the brand has a global footprint. Between company-owned stores and franchises, the company has locations in 48 countries. This is an impressive achievement for any business and is a testament to the hard work by Papa Johns CEO and leadership team to make the once U.S.-only brand a more globally appealing restaurant chain.

How Papa John’s Has Taken Over the World

Currently, Papa John’s has operations in seven countries in Asia, 19 countries in the Americas (including the U.S. and Canada), 11 countries in Europe and 11 more in the Middle East/North Africa. This is a fairly impressive footprint for any brand, especially one focused on food, an inherently cultural business sector. These represent a combination of franchise stores and corporate-owned restaurants.

Part of the reason for this success has been the brand’s emphasis on adapting to the needs of the local markets. Under the original Papa John’s owner, the brand started offering pizza in international markets including Mexico starting in 1998, the U.K starting in 1999 and India starting in 2006. As Papa John’s has gotten more popular overseas, the relative independence of the brand in each country has helped it to adapt to the unique needs of local customers while maintaining a strong global image.

For example, many stores have an architecture that is fitted to the local style, while using the corporate colors and imagery. Similarly, delivery vehicles are all very local, ranging from scooters to bicycles to hatchbacks.

How the Menu Options Change Depending on Where You Are In the World

One of the ways that Papa John’s adapts to the needs of local markets is with the menu. While there are usually staple pizza options such as cheese and pepperoni no matter where you go, there are also unique pizzas for each market.

For example, in the U.K. customers can order Marmite with pizzas and sides. There are also special vegan options there, including Bute Island’s Sheese. Many Mediterranean customers can order chicken caprese pizza. In Mexico, customers can order Mexican pizza with jalapenos. They can also choose Caribbean pizza with a special salsa topping. Frequently, the cheeses are tailored to local flavors.

Of course, another popular aspect of the Papa John’s menu is the option to customize pizzas. This has helped the brand to achieve success in the U.S. and it has helped internationally too. This means that customers can enjoy just the right pizza for them, no matter what. While many pizza restaurants offer this option, Papa John’s has taken it to the next level, especially with its online pizza-building tools.

Learn More About Papa John’s Today

Papa John’s has achieved some impressive international success. This is set to continue with Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO. Learn more about how Papa John’s has reached international markets so effectively. Whether you are a non-U.S. customer or plan to travel in the near future, make sure to check out the international Papa John’s menus to see what special offerings are in store.


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