How to Choose the Best Grill


From savory steaks to burgers and hot dogs, having a grill makes outdoor cooking fun and easy.

If you’re considering buying a new grill this season, there are a few important features and factors to keep in mind.

Check out these tips to help you choose the best grill for an amazing summer filled with backyard barbecues and tons of fun.

The Best Grill: Fuel Type

The top grills may use charcoal, natural gas (propane), or pellets. Think about your preferred fuel type when you’re shopping for the best grills.

A charcoal grill makes delicious food, but you’ll need to constantly restock your charcoal and lighter fluid. Some people prefer gas due to the easy ignition, and the fact that your fuel source will last a lot longer.

Pellet grills use small wood pellets as fuel that can add a delicious and smokey flavor to your food. Shop and compare a few brands like the camp chef vs traeger to help you determine which one will suit your needs the best.

The Top Grills: Size

Another important thing to keep in mind when you’re hunting for the best grill is the size. If you love to cook for large parties, you’ll likely need something with a bigger cooking surface.

Most people only need a grill somewhere between the 400 and 500 square inch range. If you want to cook several items at once, look for the best gas grills that include at least a double burner for more surface space.

Some of the top grills can have as many as four or five burners. It really comes down to how many people you plan to serve and how much you like to grill at one time.

Special Features

Once you narrow down your preferred fuel source and your desired size, it’s time to look at some special features. Some of the best grills of 2021 include wireless apps that can give you the temperature and other information remotely on your smartphone.

An extra warming area on the side of your grill can also come in handy. This is a great way to keep food nice and warm while you’re cooking other things so everything is hot and tasty when it’s time to serve.

While it isn’t necessarily new or revolutionary, the best grills should also have a place to hold your utensils. You want to be able to flip and check on your food, then enjoy being able to sip on a drink or talk to your guests hands-free.

Find Your Perfect Grill

From the brand name, size, and fuel source to special features, keep these simple tips in mind when you shop for the best grill. No matter what you like to cook or how you like to cook it, a great grill will be an invaluable tool that you’ll love to use all summer long.

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