U.S. Travel: Where Can I Travel in the U.S. Right Now?

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During 2020, travel spending in the US declined by over 42%, but all that’s about to change. Fewer than one in ten Americans have indicated that they won’t travel during 2021.

Yet, with ongoing international travel restrictions changing almost daily, you might find yourself asking, ‘where can US citizens travel?’. You might find your options limited if you want to travel abroad.

Why not take the chance to get out and explore your own exciting country instead. The US has something for everyone, check out these top US travel options when planning your next vacation.

US Travel Recommendations

Our fight against the coronavirus is far from over, and it’s vital to take the necessary precautions when you travel.  Most states still have health regulations in place, so find out what the rules are before you leave, and plan accordingly.

You must wear face masks in public places, especially congested areas like public transportation hubs, indoor venues, and when traveling by bus, train, or airplane.

Most of the US states have reopened for visitors. In most cases, fully vaccinated individuals can travel without testing or self-quarantine. 

Traveling to Alaska

If Alaska was a country, it would be the world’s 17th largest nation. These vast spaces abound with diverse landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and opportunities for adventure. 

It’s home to eight national parks, 17 of America’s highest peaks, and Juneau is the second-largest city by area in the United States. During your visit to Alaska, you can discover Denali and Glacier Bay National parks, or visit restaurants, museums, and cafés in Anchorage and Juneau.

If remote spaces, fishing, nature spotting, and interesting people appeal to you, start planning your trip to Alaska now.

There are currently no travel restrictions for Alaska. You can also get a free Covid-19 vaccine at several airports when you travel to this state.

Can You Travel to Hawaii?

Hawaii’s one of the most popular places to travel in the US for those in search of sunny skies, surfing excellence, and endless seaside activities. It’s a place of endless variety when it comes to beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions.  

Requirements to travel to Hawaii are among the most stringent of all the US states. Those who aren’t vaccinated must present a negative Covid-19 test on arrival at the islands. 

When you travel with established tour operators like Trafalgar, Blue Sky Tours Hawaii, and Tours By Locals, you can customize private travels to further ensure your safety. 

As soon as the US reaches a 70% vaccination rate travel to Hawaii restrictions will cease. 

Kansas Travel Restrictions

If you’re looking for plenty of room to breathe, the Sunflower state is a good place to start. Kansas boasts abundant plains and prairies, classic cowboy culture, and historical sights.

It’s a place of farm-fresh produce, fried chicken, barbecue, and homemade pies

Kansas has stringent travel restrictions for both visitors and locals returning from foreign destinations. You’ll need proof of a negative Covid-19 test before you enter the state.

You may also need to undergo quarantine, depending on where and when you’ve traveled previously. Vaccinated travelers can forego quarantine if they’re fully vaccinated and have been asymptomatic since they traveled to these destinations. 

Heading for New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a travel favorite for Americans thanks to its abundant mountains, beaches, outdoor activities, and fun for all ages. Top vacation spots include Lake Winnipesaukee, Hampton Beach, and North Conway.

It’s known for beautiful rivers flowing among scenic mountains, kayaking expeditions, sailing, and hiking on the Appalachian Trail. You can also choose from excellent skiing and biking trails, nature walks, and amusement parks. 

New Hampshire authorities recommend that you get tested three to five days after arriving in the state. Those who have traveled internationally or been on a cruise ship must present a negative Covid-19 test and undergo quarantine on arrival.

Exploring Puerto Rico

This US protectorate welcomes travelers from the mainland to enjoy its tropical rainforest, mountains, and waterfalls. San Juan is awash with fascinating colonial buildings, historic forts, outstanding food, and welcoming people.

Some top things to do in Puerto Rico include:

  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Mountain biking and cycling
  • Golf
  • Fishing

Before you travel to Puerto Rico, you must upload your vaccination card to the island’s online portal to get a QR code.

If you haven’t had your vaccination yet, you should produce a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of arrival. If you don’t have a test result, you must get one within 48 hours of arrival, and stay quarantined until you get the results. 

Discovering Washington, DC

Do you love museums, cultural pursuits, and historic attractions? Washington, DC is the best destination for you. The capital is one of the most-visited destinations in the country, boasting some of the nation’s most iconic landmarks.

One of the best parts about visiting DC is that most of the museums and galleries are free, so you can keep yourself entertained for next to nothing. What’s more, Washington DC has one of the most diverse and delicious food scenes in the entire country. 

Unvaccinated travelers and those arriving from high-risk places must present a negative Covid-19 test on arrival in Washington, DC.

You’re Free to Go

Most other states are open for leisure travel without restrictions, but the CDC advises against travel unless you’re fully vaccinated. For your own safety, it’s best to follow these guidelines and adhere to sensible safety precautions when you head out in public. 

The best way to stay updated on the status of US travel is to check US state department travel advisories regularly to explore your options.

Are you dreaming of destinations further afield? Browse our travel pages for inspiration to fuel your future explorations. 



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