Fedora Hats for Women – Ways to Style it with Different Attires

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It’s interesting to note that the fedora hat started with a woman. If you read about the history of the hats, the fedora hat style started after a play named “Fedora” that got written by Victorien Sardou. It was Sarah Bernhardt, the popular stage actress who wore this hat as she essayed her character as Fedora Romanoff and that resulted in the popularity of the fedora hat women. And soon after that, the fedora hat became the choicest style accessory of the Prohibition times, that was ridden by gangsters, which made the women’s fedora hats lose out on their appeal. 

But today, when you look around the fedora hats for women are back in vogue. It is worn by both popular and average women. When you have a fedora hat with you, there is a choice to either dress down or up with it. You can always experiment and decide your style. However, if you want to get a fedora hat and don’t know how to style it, here are a few style suggestions that you can follow:

  1. Pair your fedora hat with a short – If you opt-in for this variation, it will be a perfect dress code for summer and spring months. And during the warmer months, you can opt-in for a lightweight straw fedora hat and flaunt it with style. 
  2. A knitted sweater is a good idea – It’s a good style option for the winter and cooler fall months. If you want you can also add in long boots with your outfit. It’s an excellent idea if you are out on a date night or a casual get together with your friends. 
  3. Sport a maxi dress – If you have decided to wear your fedora hat with your maxi dress, you will look classy and elegant. It will add a new touch to your persona. This attire combination can look both formal and casual, based on the shoe that you choose. You can either select your high heels or flats. You can also add your light jewellery with it. 
  4. Sport the hat with a romper – If you are looking for an easy summer style, you can opt-in for this one. Go ahead and pair your romper with a cute looking fedora hat. On the other hand, if you decide to sport a print romper, go ahead and add a print hat band that will complement your style. If you decide to wear heels it can add more jazz to your outfit. However, if you choose flats, that will look good as well. 
  5. You can wear it with your bathing suit – It is more for the beach party or gathering! If you are on a beach vacation with your friends, you can add a fedora with your bathing suit. It will allow you to sport a summery and chic look. The fashion magazines sport many designs for you to choose from. 
  6. Wear your hat with jeans and tank top – When you add a fedora it can easily transform an ordinary outfit such as the tank top and your jeans into something fabulous. You can choose from the felt and the straw hats that are available. 
  7. Sport your hat with your scarf – It is another choice that you can opt-in for during the cooler months. You can use a scarf, as it will look smart with a skirt, pants or dress. Today, you have many choices lined up for you. 
  8. Pair it up with your trench coat – It’s one of the timeless and classic looks that will always be very fashionable. Some people might tell you that you resemble a 30s detective. But you can still opt-in for it and sport your style. 
  9. Wear your fedora with a leather jacket – Many people think that a leather jacket and a fedora don’t complement one another. However, it’s all a question about preference. It is not possible to mix these two and manage to appear stylish. On the other hand, you will look very sharp. So, go ahead and create your own style with it. 
  10. Pair up your fedora with a skirt – A fedora will look good if you are planning to pair it up with a top and pencil skirt. You will look very sleek and professional. 

These are a few of the ways in which women can style their fedora hats. In fact, today fedora hats, which have a soft brim and an indented crown have become popular amongst fashion influencers and celebrities recently. Also, if you are someone who is not used to wearing hats, then you will find that it is easy to style a fedora. There is no need for you to manage an overtly floppy brim to get your way. And in addition to the softness of wool and felt, the fabric also gives it a good shape. 


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