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MrXbet is a new betting platform based in Malta. The platform has been around for about a year now and offers more than just sports betting. You can bet on almost every event imaginable, from elections to movie releases. This can be spent on bets made in different formats. That which is important to note about the platform is that they have a lot of high-quality sportsbooks and offer support for a wide variety of currencies.

The Beta version of MrXbet is now out and full release is expected in late April 2012.

The project is a joint venture between two companies, Letsbet and Betingpro. Letsbet is a company that has been operating since 2007 and is therefore established in the market for sports betting. Betingpro on the other hand has experience with casino gaming and poker. Now they are launching a new service together with Let’sbet.

This means that it would be fair to say that MrXbet has come from experienced groups of professionals in the online gambling world. These two companies have joined forces to create something new, something exciting and also something profitable for its users and shareholders alike.

This new project is worth mentioning because it could be a great chance to get your hands on a great and reliable platform that offers many different types of betting. With this kind of experience and tools behind it, MrXbet can be one of the best online sports betting platforms out there.

In most sports wagering platforms, they offer only book-makers. These are companies that provide odds for sports events. But there are also other places where you can bet on these events as well. One of these places is bet365 where you can be matched with other players across the world and actually get to debate over the odds.

The MRXbet beta version is now out and full release is expected in late April 2012. The platform has been around for a while now, gaining quite a lot of attention from users and investors alike. In this article I will share some of the recent updates on the platform, its features and also give you an idea of whether or not it is a good idea to invest in MrXbet at this time.

MrXbet Beta

The beta version of the platform is now out to all users and you can head on over to their website and register. You can then select a few funds to use as betting capital as well as the maximum amount of bets that you wish to place. The maximum bet amount is only 150$ but given the fact that this is a beta version, you should be able to bet more than that depending on how curious you are and how much money you have to (or want) throw around.

After signing up, users will be presented with a registration form where they need to enter their date of birth, email address as well as password information. Users who wish to use this platform will have to confirm their email address and then download the latest version of the software so that they can start playing.

They are currently accepting funds in a wide range of different currencies, but the majority will probably be in USD. The operators of this platform hope that in about a week’s time they can add other fiat currencies as well. There is also a wide selection of sports events that you can bet on if you choose to do so.

There is no limit on the amount of bets or funds a user can place at one time. MrXbet has been providing wide amounts of support for a long while now, and the new beta version is no different.


The trading section of MrXbet is also an interesting addition because it goes beyond just placing bets. Traders can actually make money through market-making and arbitrage trading as well. Traders who are not good at maths will be able to profit from this platform thanks to the analytics provided by their software.

Traders will also be able to get access to an arbitrage calculator that shows how they can make even more money by simply buying into one market at a high price and then selling in another market at a cheaper price.


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