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Military Discounts on Motorcycle Parts & Gear


As a military service member or first responder, you make sacrifices every day. You serve your country and local communities in ways that often go unseen. Many appreciate your dedicated service – and offer you special rewards to express their gratitude. So why not take advantage of your aftermarket parts dealer’s motorcycle gear military discount? Now’s a great time to gear up, and you can find lots of options for customizing your bike’s looks, sound, safety and performance.

Best Tactical Gear for Your Motorcycle

When you see the words “tactical gear,” your mind may naturally go to items you’ve used or worn before – pants, boots, belts, backpacks, gloves, vests or body armor. All these are examples of purpose- and mission-driven items that serve practical purposes. You can think about your motorcycle upgrades in a similar way. Maybe you’re eying a piece of gear that looks good, but you also know that it can provide a safety advantage while you’re on your bike.

Every good set of gear starts with a helmet. Cruiser riders love Arai’s Quantum-X full face helmet for several reasons, but its VAS shield latch system holds the shield securely to prevent unexpected opening. Its VAS Max Vision Shield delivers superior visibility, especially with its clear anti-fog insert. Improved airflow through upper ventilation ducts plus a super-strong PB-SCLC shell are even more reasons to add the Quantum-X to your riding gear collection.

Sport bike riders know the demands they face. That’s why their riding gear delivers cool comfort and crash protection. Joe Rocket’s Cleo Elite Womens Pants are no exception. Starting with a FreeAir mesh shell, the Cleo Elite also includes melt-resistant material, reflective stripes, removable high-density hip padding and CE rated knee protectors that are height-adjustable. The Cleo Elite Mesh Womens Jacket is crafted from the same materials and incorporates CE approved shoulder and elbow armor plus DYNAX reinforcement in the forearms, upper back and ribs.  

Why Sedona Coyote Tires Are a Hit

When you need versatile all-terrain tires, the Sedona Coyote is an excellent choice. Riders of ATVs love the Sedona Coyote tire for its durable puncture-resistant 6-ply New Tech carcass and siped tread lugs in an aggressive tread design that provides multi-surface traction. And when you’re in deep ruts or combing over rocky terrain, the Coyote’s integrated side lugs give you even more traction. You can get a set of Coyotes at a great price, especially using your military and first responder discount.

More Upgrades To Consider

You probably know some current or ex-service members who ride Harleys. Perhaps you do, too. Depending on the model you ride, an S&S Super E carburetor can be a worthwhile upgrade. It’s made especially for older Harley-Davidson bikes, designed to improve airflow by dropping the standard choke and using an enrichment device in its place. It also comes with an accessible variable position lever that lets you adjust the idle mixture as needed. 

Now that you have a few ideas to gear up, it’s time to go shopping. Choosing a powersports parts dealer offering a military discount can help you maximize your savings and keep some green in your bank account.

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