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How to Properly Apply and Remove Car Decals to Help Transform the Looks of Your Vehicle


People love to customize their cars, and there are many ways of doing it though some of them, like custom paint jobs and accessories, can be very expensive. Fixing decals on cars is not only one of the quickest and the simplest methods but also the most affordable one of giving your car a distinctive look and making a personal statement. However, you must know the correct techniques for applying the stickers and removing them when replacing them with fresh ones to ensure satisfaction. Some tips:

Clean the Surface before Fixing the Decal

Car stickers are simple things, but unless you clean the surface thoroughly before applying them, they are liable to start peeling off soon and get discolored with water and grime creeping at the edges. The best way of cleaning the surface where the sticker is to be fixed is to use soapy water to clean it thoroughly of dust, debris, and oily residues. To be sure that the surface is squeaky clean, you can, thereafter, wipe it with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before applying the sticker. It is a good idea not to use commercial car cleaning products since many of them contain compounds that leave a residue behind that can affect the adhesion of car decals.

Apply the Decal Carefully and Correctly 

Peel away one-third of the backing paper from one side and position the sticker on the identified spot. Align the sticker carefully and commence applying the sticker while letting the backing paper peel off under the pressure of your finger. You can also use a plastic strip to minimize the formation of bubbles when you are applying the sticker. If you want to reposition the sticker while applying it, it is better to spray the surface with a soap solution and then apply the sticker as usual. You can use a squeegee to remove the air bubbles and the excess soapy water. When the water dries, the sticker will adhere to the surface strongly. Trim the stickers wherever required and prick bubbles with a pin, and press out the trapped air.

Exercise Care When Removing Stickers

When removing stickers from the car, you should first clean the surface with soapy water and then heat the sticker with a hairdryer to release the adhesive, according to Compare. Don’t use a heat gun because you may end up damaging the car paint. Use a plastic card to lift one edge of the sticker and begin to peel it away. If the adhesive is stubborn, you can use any commercially available glue removal products to remove the residues and leave the area looking clean. Using a cloth to soak the gummy residues works the best though you may need to repeat the exercise a few times.


You can choose to apply another sticker in the place from where you have removed the existing sticker or you can leave it blank if you so wish. If you are going to fix a new sticker, be sure to follow the cleaning procedure with soapy water and rubbing alcohol to prepare the surface for the best adhesion.

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