A complete guide to buying a new mattress


If you desire to get good so that you stay healthy and happy, then you need to buy a mattress. But purchasing a mattress without doing a proper research first can usually lead to sleepless nights and painful mornings, especially if the mattress doesn’t have a supportive base. 

And, a mattress is a huge investment, so it’s essential to make sure that it’s worth the investment before purchasing it. Whether you are suffering from back pain or you side-sleep, rest assured that there is always a mattress that meets your needs. This article is a complete guide to buying a new mattress.

Type of mattresses

It’s worth noting that there are various types of mattresses on the market including open spring mattresses, pocket spring mattresses. Therefore, you need to read mattress dimensions before you buy a mattress. Below are details of these type of mattresses:

Open spring mattress

Open spring mattress is also called a continuous mattress or open coil mattress. This features a long piece of wire that coils into several springs. There are also extra border wires or rods designed to provide structure and maintain shape. This is a good value for money option, but its sides are machine-stitched instead of hand-stitched. 

The good news is that they are usually lighter than most of the other models to make them easier to turn. Besides, they are also less supportive than others, making them ideal for children’s beds or guest bedrooms, where you have to replace them regularly or use them occasionally.

Pocket spring mattress

If you intend to have a more luxurious mattress, then you need to buy a pocket spring mattress. This type is made up of individual and small springs that are housed in their pocket of fabric. It means each of these springs moves independently to provide even more support than an open spring mattress.

You can purchase soft, medium, or even firm versions, but this depends on your preference. Also, they are more breathable than latex mattresses or memory foam mattresses, so they are suitable for use when it’s too hot at night. 

While they are sometimes heavy to turn, they can also be filled with natural materials like lambswool. This is always a great option if you want to get a bed to fit two people. This is because they come with separate springs to meet your different weights and needs. They can also reduce the risk of people rolling towards their partners during the night.


Bed-in-a-box is considered to be a game-changer when it comes to the sleep world. This is especially true because it’s now easier than before to buy a bed. The name refers to how the beds are delivered. They remove the painful way of visiting a mattress shop and waiting for a couple of weeks for delivery. In other words, you can order these mattresses online and get delivered within days.

They are usually compressed and then rolled into a box, meaning you don’t need to pivot them like other types of mattresses you purchase from physical shops. Once the mattress arrives, you just need to unravel them and they will be ready to use within a couple of hours. These mattresses are usually made from a hybrid that is between springs and memory foam or foam.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are modern mattresses that are produced from memory foam. This is a moldable material that can respond to weight and temperature, and it also has hypo-allergenic properties. It means that the mattress can mould to the body’s shape, relieve pressure on the joints, and absorb your weight. 

A few people like the sinking motion that this mattress brings, and it also tends to get warm. But it’s suitable for people who want to get support or those who suffer from back pain because it can maintain your posture and even align your spine horizontally while sleeping on your side. 

Latex mattress

As the name suggests, latex mattresses are usually filled with latex foam which is a breathable material. This means that you cannot overheat while sleeping. Even better, this mattress is durable and may last you a couple of years. 

And, this can be a good choice for people with asthma or allergies. They may feel solid at first, but they are more ideal to people who desire a firmer bed. Latex mattresses are usually heavy, so they can be hard to turn and some cheaper brands can develop dents and lumps over time. 


Hybrid mattresses bring a combination of materials that can include latex, memory foam, and pocket springs. Ideally, hybrid mattresses are designed to offer you a more balanced sleeping experience. Some of the mattresses have a pocket-sprung base and a top layer that has a memory foam. As a result, this provides comfort and support to alleviate pains and aches by responding to the body’s shape.

Mattress firmness

The firmness of your mattress can sometimes determine how well you intend to sleep. Therefore, the type of firmness you want can depend on your height, sleeping position, and weight. 

For example, side sleepers or even people who tend to change positions while sleeping during the night are usually best suited to a soft mattress. This is because the way people sleep already relieves some pressure from the spine. Therefore, you should always get a mattress that can mould to the body’s natural position. 

A medium soft mattress is suitable for people who usually change their sleeping positions. This is because this type of mattress can mould the body position and even provides a bit more support. For the medium firm mattress, this can be great for people who usually sleep on their back because you need a little more lower-back support that you can get from this type of mattress.

Lastly, you can decide to get a firm mattress which is suitable for people who like to sleep on their front. People who also suffer from back pains can also use this mattress as it can keep your back in a stable and comfortable position without letting you sink into the mattress while sleeping, which can lead to lower back pain.


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