CBD Cats Treats and Anxiety

CBD Cats

Cats are lovely creatures and always a delight to have around. But, they can get quite anxious sometimes for several reasons such as moving into a new home, visits to the groomer or vet, traveling or having new people or even cats in the home. 

For some of these wonderful creatures, only big happenings can spark their anxiety. While for some, a slight change in their daily activities is enough to create major uncertainty. Due to this, cat owners regardless of breed share a common concern. How they can help their cats manage their anxiety.

Most pet parents may turn to behavioral therapy at this point while others may ask their vets for medications that may help. Some get confused as to what to do, and there is the set that has discovered CBD cat treats. 

Because people talk and news spread, the use of CBD products for cats with anxiety is now quite popular. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how CBD treats can help cats with anxiety. 

What Does Science Say 

The CBD industry is relatively new; therefore, not a lot of research has been done in the field. However, some of the research which has been conducted gave positive feedback. In 2020, some researchers conducted a study on 397 New Zealand adults. You can visit here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7330185/ to read more about this study. However, it has been scientifically proven that cannabidiol works in cats the same way it works in people since cats also have the endocannabinoid system. 

This is the system that makes it possible for the mammalian body to properly interact with cannabidiols. Since this study states that CBD helps people with anxiety manage it better, this conclusion also applies to cats. 

The participants of this study were given cannabidiol prescriptions for several ailments. Participants who got cannabidiol treatment for depression and anxiety reportedly became more capable of performing their daily functions. They also reported reduced depression and anxiety signs. 

70% of the participants gave satisfactory feedbacks about the treatment, while just 9.9 percent reported side effects like vivid dreams and sedation. 

Another review which backs up the usefulness of cannabidiol for the management of anxiety was done in 2015. 

Based on this review, cannabidiol interacts with CB1R and some other receptors that regulate anxiety and fear-induced behaviors. This review writers also found clinical and preclinical evidence which shows cannabidiol to be effective in the treatment of several anxiety disorders like:

  • PTSD 
  • OCD
  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder 

Based on these studies, CBD cat treats can help reduce anxiety levels in cats, cannabidiol is also said to possess certain therapeutic properties without the psychoactive tendencies that THC is known for. 

Therefore, you can use cat treats infused with cannabidiol for your pets while being assured that your pet will not get high. However, you must be careful of how much of this product you give to your pet as giving it more than it needs may cause some adverse effects as seen in the 2020 study. 


Is it Safe? 

Since you can use this product for your cat’s anxiety, the safety of the product soon comes to mind. CBD cat treats is quite safe with the most adverse effect your cat can get from it being lethargy, and nausea. 

However, this is only true if the product you get is a good one and not one of the bad ones out there. The problem with the cannabidiol market is that it is relatively new. Due to this, it is not properly regulated and there is no government or third body that tests the safety of these products. 

Therefore, consumers may be unsure of what they buy. The customers have no way of knowing if the product they buy is what it says on the label. Since the product may be falsely labeled due to the unregulated market. With regulated medications, potential adverse effects, proper dosages, toxicity levels, treatment lengths, and contraindications are properly documented. 

But in the CBD market, there is a lot of inconsistent information. To be on the safe side, if you choose to buy this product for your cat, then you need to be mindful of where you buy from. While some manufacturers may not produce what they claim, there are still a lot of reliable manufacturers and products. 

CBD cat treats are meant to contain just 0.3 percent of THC. This is why cannabidiol used for CBD cat treats is gotten from hemp and not marijuana since hemp only contains very little THC. You can read this article to learn the difference between marijuana and hemp. Manufacturers know this; however, some may deliberately go against it. Products with high THC levels may be quite toxic to your cat. Therefore, get your CBD cat treats from reliable brands that are known to offer only quality products. 

Finally, the choice to use CBD cat treats to help your cat with anxiety is solely yours. However, if you decide to, do not withhold the information from your vet. Skipping vet exams and diagnosing your pet and subsequently treating it by yourself may put your beloved pet in harm’s way. 

Your cat’s anxiety may be a reaction to a behavior disorder. While CBD cat treats may help improve your cat’s anxiety condition, the underlying condition will remain. Suppressing behavior issues rather than identifying and resolving them may cause a bigger problem further down the road. So, ensure you carry your vet along every step of the way. 


According to research, cannabidiol can help alleviate anxiety. However, you need to be careful if you decide to use CBD cat treats for your cat with anxiety. 


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