5 Effective Tips to Protect your Feet Health


Feet health is important, in fact essentially important for all the food causes and reasons. You walk because your feet are healthy and play the role of foundation for your body.

Being a vital organ of our body, feel can go through wear and tear. Seasonal changes, improper use of feet, diseases like diabetes, and injuries etc. can affect your feet health. Because feet health is crucially important for your overall well-being. Anything that affects your feet health can compromise your mobility in the long run.

Why is Feet Health Important?

Sharing my own experience, once I got a foot infection that resulted in the formation of pus-filled blisters on my feet. The infection was recurrent and after many renowned hospitals in Lahore, I was diagnosed with a rare fungal infection on my feet. Talking about the consequences, infection made it hard for me to walk and perform my daily life activities. Thus, your feet ‘health is critically important.

When it comes to good feet health, everything from your hygiene to the products you apply to your feet, everything affects your feet health. Protecting your feet from infections and seasonal variations might seem hard to you. However, it is not as difficult as it seems to you.

How to Protect Your Feet?

If you are looking for tips that can help to keep your feet healthy, here are the tips that might help you.

1- Wash properly

Washing your feet properly can surely help to protect your feet from damage. No matter what kind of weather you are living in, wash your feet daily. A recommended practice is to wash your feet with lukewarm water as both or cold water can be damaging for your feet skin.

Hot water can damage the feet skin especially when your feet skin is sensitive due to diabetes or any other health condition. Other than that, using cold water can leave your skin dry. So, wash your feet daily using mild temperatures, water and mild cleaning products.

2- Pay attention to your footwear

Just like hygiene, your footwear plays an important role in determining your feet health. Your footwear selection can vary upon your lifestyle alongside your occupational habits. However, it is recommended to wear shoes that keep your feet ventilated and dry.

Another thing to consider while choosing your footwear is the size of your shoes. Don’t wear shoes that aren’t the right fit for your feet to keep your feet and ankles safe. You can further ask a specialist to help you with the shoe selection.

3- Don’t forget to moisturize your feet

No matter what else you are doing to keep your feet healthy and safe, moisturizing your feet is an essential thing to follow. Just as you take care of your facial skin, it becomes important to take care of your feet in the same manner.

The application of moisturizer keeps your feet safe from wear and tear. Moisturizer protects your feet from getting cracked and irritated. So, don’t forget to moisturize your feet and must apply the moisturizer between your fingers.

4- Always inspect your feet health

No matter how much you try, you can never avoid many feet of health problems. This becomes highly important if you are suffering from a disease like diabetes that can take a toll on your feet health. To ensure better feet health, it is highly important to inspect your feet health regularly to avoid any further problems or complications.

5- Monitor your body weight

You might not believe it but your body weight also impacts your feet health. When you are overweight, there is increased pressure on your feet that can result in feet pain. If the situation continues, it makes it difficult for you to perform daily life activities, told renowned doctors in Lahore. So, ensure that you are healthy to protect your feet.

Bottom Line!

 Feet serve as a foundation for your body and accounts for your mobility. However, years of walking can leave your feet torn. Thus, it is important to take good care of your feet. Make sure you practice good hygiene and take care of your feet properly especially if you are suffering from a disease like diabetes. In case you see any sign of bad feet health, it is recommended to immediately go to your physician for the right diagnosis and treatment of the problem.


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