5 Reasons To Be More Empathetic When You Make Cold Calls

Cold Calls

Using cold calling software can help you make more calls in a day, leading to more productive results. However, as any high-volume caller knows, many phone calls do not go as planned, often leading to combative conversations or failed opportunities. When turning to cold calling as a part of your sales strategy, you must remember that empathy goes a long way and that your clients can often feel the difference in your technique. There are at least five reasons to be more empathetic. 

1. Smiling More Helps

Smile when talking to prospective clients. True, that cannot see you, but did you know that callers can feel the change in your tone and emotional state when you smile. It is incredible that such a visual cue does not have to be seen to be perceived or received, but research proves it. When using your real estate auto dialer, pull back your cheeks and show those pearly whites. 

2. Making the Personal Connection

While using cold calls scripts is crucial for your success, you cannot forget that you are talking to a human being and not a machine. People require feedback and connection. They need to know that you are listening and hearing them. Sticking too closely to a script, especially when you do not know it by heart, can make you sound too autonomous like you do not feel or care about what the prospect is saying. Always make strides to form a personal connection. 

3. Building a Rapport

Building a rapport with prospective clients is vital to sales success. When in-person, sales coaches often suggest using mimicry — the subtle copying of body language. Unfortunately, such techniques are not very effective when cold calling. Building a rapport through the phone requires active listening. The client needs to know that you heard what they said and understand it. Do not avoid their opinions or concerns; address them directly. Doing so will present you as someone trustworthy. 

4. Avoiding Combative Behavior

One of the primary benefits of using empathy is to avoid combative behavior. When someone feels heard, understood, and respected, they are less likely to respond harshly. Additionally, it is challenging for a prospective client to respond with anger when you are kind and respectful. In most situations, empathy results in productive dialogue, even when it does not end with a sale. 

5. Improving Closing Rates

Do not undermine the effectiveness of an empathetic ear. While the tactic often results in civil conversation, it can disarm potentially hostile or reserved clients, allowing more of your message to get through. Because empathy leads to healthy dialogue, it also creates the opportunity of portraying your product or service in the best light, leading to more sales and improved closing rates. 

Empathy is one of the best tools in your sales tool bag, but it is not the only tool, especially when cold calling is a significant part of your strategy. Using a bath dialer or cold calling software can also lead to better results and improved efficiency. 


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