Food & Drink McDonald's vs Burger King: The Ultimate Fast Food Showdown

McDonald’s vs Burger King: The Ultimate Fast Food Showdown


The fast-food industry has progressed uninterrupted during the pandemic. As of 2021, McDonald’s has 1,445 restaurants in Canada, across 12 provinces and 529 cities! In comparison, Burger King only has 314 locations across 10 provinces and 194 cities.

Does the reach of McDonald’s highlight its popularity, or is Burger King merely David standing up against the mighty Goliath?

This brings us to the real question: In the battle of McDonald’s vs Burger King, who is the champion? Which establishment can don the crown as fast-food king?

To discover the answers to these questions and more, keep on reading as we compare the culinary prowess of Ronald McDonald to that of Kurger Bing (yes, that’s the name of the Burger King mascot)!

Pros and Cons of McDonald’s

Let’s start with the pros and cons of McDonald’s. When we’re talking about the best fast food, we all know how important fries are! The reputation of the thin, crispy, and salty fries speaks for itself when it comes to McDonald’s.

Chicken marks another point to McDonald’s! While it may not be as good as KFC or Nando’s (but we’ll stick with McDonald’s vs Burger King debate for now), Ronald provides succulent chicken in a crispy coating. The range of dip options for those nuggets makes the winner clear!

When it comes to the dessert menu, eating at Burger King or McDonald’s comes down to personal preference. If you love soft ice cream covered in bits of your favorite chocolate and a variety of sauces, then choose the famous McFlurry!

And finally, although McDonald’s offers a full-day breakfast menu, this is where we enter the cons section. You may be able to get breakfast all day, but the real question is, would you want to? The meals often look sad, unappetizing, and uninspired.

If you’re struggling to decide which restaurant to choose, these McDonald’s coupons might help you make a decision!

Pros and Cons of Burger King

Let’s consider the pros and cons of Burger King by starting with the obvious choice: the burger. McDonald’s may offer a wide range of burger options, but nothing compares to the Whopper! The name of the restaurant speaks for itself!

Don’t let the fries put you off eating at Burger King vs McDonald’s though. Ronald’s fries may be legendary, but Burger King offers a thicker version that’s just as crispy on the outside.

Burger King also wins when it comes to breakfast options and desserts. Sure, you can’t get breakfast all day, but at least the menu is a bit more exciting and appetizing. Dessert options include cheesecake (such as Oreo cheesecake!), and who can turn that down!

Sadly, if you’re looking for a meal other than a Whopper, Burger King falls short! Even the drinks menu isn’t as appealing!

For example, even though both establishments sell Coca-Cola, the one at McDonald’s tastes better. This is because the syrup mixture is delivered to Burger King in a bag while McDonald’s receives it in a metal tank to improve the freshness.

McDonald’s vs Burger King: Who Wins?

So, who is the champion of the McDonald’s vs Burger King debate? It’s difficult to pick an outright winner so, if you want chicken, thin fries, or a McFlurry, go to McDonald’s. If you want a burger, dessert, or breakfast, go to Burger King.

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