Top Tips To Increase The Winnings At Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 features a future where the earth has become inhabitable. When war breaks out in the arc, the only place considered safe from the disaster in 2042, it is up to you to save the survivors by leading them through the wastelands. 

Since it is a multiplayer game, other groups of survivors may pose a risk to your character while hunting for food. Using some battlefield 2042 hacks is a way that can increase your wins significantly by helping you have better aim and providing you the location of every single player in the game. 

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to increase your winnings at battlefield 2042.

Choosing The Correct Map

Depending on whether you are trying to keep your distance from others or going into full-on attack mode, you will have to choose the map according to your playing style.

There are different map options in Battlefield 2042. Some maps are helpful to the defense, and some will help when playing in defense mode. If you choose to do both, then you can find balanced maps.

Always keep your eyes on the map. If you spot an opponent on the map, then they will be able to spot you too. 

Form A Group

The chances of you winning at Battlefield 2042 would be much higher if you played with a group of friends rather than playing alone. You don’t need to go all-out attacking every other player. Form a group with your friends or with people who have a similar playstyle as you do.

Also, just because someone is in your group doesn’t mean you have to be fair to them and can not use them to win the round. Do not lower down the standard of your game just because you are trying to do right by your teammate.

Teamwork Is Essential

Teamwork is the key to increasing your winnings in Battlefield 2042. If you are new to the game, make sure you pick a team that already knows how everything works. The same goes for any other player who is new to the game; communicate with them and share what you already know so that they can play better.

Once you have a group, make any one of the players the leader and stick together. This will help every other team member to be organized and work as a team. It is the key to winning the battlefield in 2042. 

Once you have formed a squad, it is better if every member has a designated task like reloading ammo, grenades, and other necessities. It helps save time when every member has their task to do.

Choosing Your Kits And Using Them wisely

You would need to select the primary kits. Make the decision based on your location on the map. Some of the kits offer the best weapons for fighting with the enemy up close, and some kits have weapons that are for long-range fighting. Depending upon whether your location is a farm or a mountain, you should choose the kits accordingly.

Before selecting any kit, know the basic function it serves and divide the loadout evenly so that every kit remains balanced to serve you different purposes in different situations.

New kits are released into the game all the time. Keep an eye out for them, as with the new release of a kit, how your old one will work might also change. 

Keep Your Timing Right

Timing is of great importance as Battlefield 2042 has game rounds that have a fixed time. You can check the game stats to check how much time is remaining and which team or player is winning.

Also, keep an eye out for the release of the latest patch. It will help you know what your opponents can have even before they own it.

Using Cheats And Hacks

If you are new to Battlefield 2042, then you might need some help. Several cheats and hacks can help you perfect your aim and know the location of each player on the map. It can help you out immensely.

Even though some players think of using hacks as cheating, others might have an advantage over you by using some hacks and cheats.

Practice As Much As You Can

This is probably the most important tip that will help you increase your winnings in Battlefield 2042. Practicing the game will help you learn new tricks and become a better player over time. Even if you lose some rounds, don’t give up as the one player who might seem to be winning most of the rounds can lose in the next as you get the best gears. 


As with every other multiplayer game, winning in Battlefield 2042 may sometimes seem difficult, and you will feel like giving up. Apart from using hacks and cheats, there are several other tips and tricks discussed in the article that can help you increase the chances of you or your team coming out as a winner.


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