Importance of Pre Employment Medical Health Check-Up

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Companies are becoming more aware of the importance of pre employment medical health check ups due to mounting evidence showing that people who do not go through these examinations often end up with disability claims. 

There are also cases where some people resign their jobs due to ill health. Such cases result in loss of experience and knowledge in the industry. 

The best way to deal with these potential problems is to go for early screening, which will target the conditions that are not curable, and recommend management strategies when necessary.

What Is A Medical Health Check-Up? 

Medical health checkups usually involve tests by medical practitioners to diagnose any form of illness in the body. It also involves assessment of the body to determine if there are any deformities or disabilities. There are different types of medical health checkups for different groups of people with varying needs. 

For instance, people above 40 years need to undergo standard medical screening examinations at least once per year. The tests involve blood and urine samples to determine the chemical and hormonal composition of the body. 

It is important in determining health problems such as high cholesterol, leading to strokes and heart attacks later on in life.

What is Pre Employment Medical Health Check-Up?

Employers do Pre-employment medical health checkups to ascertain an applicant’s suitability for employment. It is very important to reduce loss of productivity, injury, and even death on the job.

Importance of Pre Employment Medical Health Check-Up 

The main purpose of pre-employment medical health checkups is to determine the presence of any illness before an individual takes up a job. It helps you avoid the stress and discomfort associated with attending a medical examination for a job. It also ensures that your company gets a healthy worker who will be committed to work. 

Some employers also go the extra mile by giving their employees medical examinations after they are employed. It is done to see if any existing conditions may affect an individual’s performance on the job.

Pre-employment medical health checkups can reveal any medication that an individual is taking or has taken in the past for other ailments. It is very important in determining whether an individual has any substance abuse problems, something that employers are now becoming wary of. 

Once this initial checkup indicates that you need to take some medication regularly or require medical treatment for the rest of your life to manage disability, it may be a good idea not to continue with the application process.

Pre-employment medical health checkup also allows the doctor to determine if you are fit for certain types of work. For example, it can be determined whether you are fit for manual labor, securities, or even sedentary work. The doctor may recommend that you avoid such kinds of jobs to protect your physical and mental well-being.

Pre-employment medical health checkup provides an opportunity to discuss any health concerns with a medical practitioner. It can be particularly helpful when it comes to mental and psychological conditions such as stress and depression. 

These issues may lead to loss of motivation and inactivity on the job, which can affect your performance during work hours.

Pre-employment medical health checkup allows you, doctors, to determine the presence of any chronic conditions. Diabetes is one condition that can be particularly dangerous, especially if it is not treated regularly by the individual. 

It will affect your performance at work and could lead to complications requiring hospitalization, further impacting work efficiency.

Pre-employment medical health checkup also allows you to discuss your job expectations with the health care practitioner. They can determine the types of risks associated with your job. 

For instance, if you are employed in a warehouse where many heavy objects are around, you may injure yourself during work hours. Your doctor may recommend that you avoid such jobs for your good and that of your employer.

Pre-employment medical health checkup is also important in determining an individual’s emotional state. It can help the employer determine if someone has the right mental disposition to perform well at work. Some people are very calm and tranquil even under pressure, while others feel overwhelmed by the slightest of stress. 

An employer may want a person who is emotionally sound and can handle stress on the job since it is one of the major causes of low productivity.

Pre-employment medical health checkups may be necessary for some individuals. For example, if you were arrested for a DUI charge, then it will be very important to have your condition assessed by your doctor to determine your fitness for work. The same applies if you have been prescribed some medication that will interfere with your ability to perform during work hours.

Pre-employment medical health checkups are also important for people generally in good health but who lead a very sedentary lifestyle. It may mean that they have never had a physical problem in their lives, but the lack of activity means they may be at risk of heart problems in the future. 

A regular checkup can help determine whether there is any risk associated with your job and whether you should make some changes to improve your health status.

Pre-employment medical health checkups will also be helpful if you plan to change jobs since they will allow you to know what types of risks are involved. For example, your job may require you to walk for long distances or even stay on your feet throughout the day. 

If this is not something you are used to doing, then it may be helpful if you are aware of these risks during pre-employment medical health checkups to make adjustments before starting work. Your doctor can also determine the physical demands of your job and indicate any risk factors so that you can be better prepared.


It is clear from the above that doctors should carry medical examinations according to the type of work an individual will be involved in. While general health checkups are good practice for all, it is necessary for certain categories of people to undergo further tests depending on their occupation and their exposure to certain risks at work.


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